Provided by: vitetris_0.58.0-1_amd64 bug


       vitetris - The game of tetris


       vitetris 0.57.2 (20180628)

              Skip menus.

              Print highscore list and exit.

       -hiscores FILE
              Read and add highscore entries from FILE.

       -js0 DEVNAME
              Joystick device name (e.g. /dev/js0).

       -js1 DEVNAME
              Second joystick device name.

       -listen PORT
              Listen for connections on port PORT.

       -connect HOSTNAME:PORT

       Connect to HOSTNAME on PORT.
              HOSTNAME may be an IP address.

       -connect PORT
              Connect to localhost on PORT.

       -name NAME
              Identify yourself as NAME when connecting to other players.

       -help  Print this help and exit.

       -help game
              List game options and exit.

       -help term
              List terminal options and exit.

       -?, -h [ARG]
              Same as -help ARG (if ARG isn't a number).

       Options may also be given as option=ARG, --option=ARG etc.

       Highscores  are  saved in /home/local/.vitetris, and in /var/games/vitetris-hiscores if it
       exists and is writable.