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       Calf_Studio_Gear - audio plugin library


       calfjackhost plugin !  [ plugin !  ] [...]


       The  Calf  project  aims  at providing a set of high quality open source audio plugins for
       musicians which can be used as LV2 plug-ins or standalone.

        Currently available plugins:

        * Instruments and Tone Generators:
              Organ, Monosynth, Fluidsynth, Wavetable

        * Modulation Effects:
              Multi Chorus, Phaser, Flanger, Rotary Speaker, Pulsator, Ring Modulator

        * Delay Effects:
              Reverb, Vintage Delay, Compensation Delay Line, Reverse Delay (experimental)

        * Dynamic Processors:
              Compressor, Sidechain Compressor, Multiband Compressor,  Deesser,  Gate,  Sidechain
              Gate,  Multiband  Gate,  Limiter,  Multiband  Limiter, Sidechain Limiter, Transient

        * Filters and Equalizers:
              Filter, Filterclavier,  Envelope  Filter,  Emphasis,  Vocoder,  Equalizer  5  Band,
              Equalizer 8 Band, Equalizer 12 Band, Equalizer 30 Band

        * Distortion and Enhancement:
              Saturator, Exciter, Bass Enhancer, Tape Simulator, Vinyl, Crusher

        * Tools:
              Mono Input, Stereo Tools, Hass Stereo Enhancer, Multi Spread, X-Over 2 Band, X-Over
              3 Band, X-Over 4 Band


        How to use Calf plugins:

        * LV2 plugins
              Calf  is  installed  as  calf.lv2  library  in  your   LV2   directory   (typically
              /usr/lib/lv2).  It  means  that  typical  LV2  hosts  should be able to find Calf's

        * JACK client application
              You can also use Calf plugins as one or more separate applications,  connecting  to
              other  applications  using  JACK  Audio  Connection  Kit (version 0.103 or newer is
              required). To run the client, type:

                      calfjackhost monosynth !

              (! means "connect", last "!" means "connect to output")

              Other examples:

                      calfjackhost monosynth ! vintagedelay ! flanger !

              (runs monosynth into vintagedelay and vintagedelay into flanger, then to output)

                      calfjackhost ! reverb !

              (takes signal from system:capture_1 and _2, puts it through reverb, and then  sends
              to system:playback_1 and _2)




       Krzysztof  Foltman,  Markus  Schmidt,  Christian  Holschuh,  Thor  Harald Johansen, Damien
       Zammit, Tom Szilagyi, Hans Baier and others


                                            2015-03-03                                    CALF(7)