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       czmq - Overview of The high-level C binding for 0MQ


       Project czmq aims to ... (short marketing pitch)

       It delivers several programs with their respective man pages: zmakecert.1 and public
       classes in a shared library: zactor.3 zarmour.3 zcert.3 zcertstore.3 zchunk.3 zclock.3
       zconfig.3 zdigest.3 zdir.3 zdir_patch.3 zfile.3 zframe.3 zhash.3 zhashx.3 ziflist.3
       zlist.3 zlistx.3 zloop.3 zmsg.3 zpoller.3 zproc.3 zsock.3 zstr.3 ztimerset.3 ztrie.3
       zuuid.3 zauth.3 zbeacon.3 zgossip.3 zmonitor.3 zproxy.3 zrex.3 zsys.3

       Generally you can compile and link against it like this:

       #include <czmq.h>

       cc ['flags'] 'files' -lczmq ['libraries']


       This is a skeleton document created by zproject, which will not be regenerated
       automatically (by Makefiles nor project.xml re-parsing). You should add hand-written text
       here to detail whatever applies to Linux standard manpage Section 7 (note that other OSes
       may follow a different standard with similar concepts, and extend the recipes to package
       this document into a different section number):

           7 Overview, conventions, and miscellaneous :
               Overviews or descriptions of various topics, conventions
               and protocols, character set standards, the standard
               filesystem layout, and miscellaneous other things.

       Something for developers to consider. Note there are separate man pages generated for
       public classes during build with contents taken from source code comments.


       The czmq manual was written by the authors in the AUTHORS file.


       Main web site:

       Report bugs to the email <[1]>


       Copyright (c) the Contributors as noted in the AUTHORS file. This file is part of CZMQ,
       the high-level C binding for 0MQ: This Source Code Form is subject
       to the terms of the Mozilla Public License, v. 2.0. If a copy of the MPL was not
       distributed with this file, You can obtain one at LICENSE
       included with the czmq distribution.