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       ecm - Extra CMake Modules


       The  Extra CMake Modules package, or ECM, adds to the modules provided by CMake, including
       ones used by find_package() to find common software, ones that can  be  used  directly  in
       CMakeLists.txt files to perform common tasks and toolchain files that must be specified on
       the commandline by the user.

       In addition, it provides common build settings  used  in  software  produced  by  the  KDE

       While  the  driving  force of this module is to reduce duplication in CMake scripts across
       KDE software, it is intended to be useful for any  software  that  uses  the  CMake  build


       To use ECM, add the following to your CMakeLists.txt:

          find_package(ECM REQUIRED NO_MODULE)

       (note  that  you  may  want  to append ${ECM_MODULE_PATH} to CMAKE_MODULE_PATH rather than
       discarding the existing value).  You can then just include the modules you require, or use
       find_package() as needed.  For example:


       Developers  of  KDE  software will often want to use the KDE standard settings provided by
       ECM; they can do the following:

          find_package(ECM REQUIRED NO_MODULE)

       Note that any combination of the above includes can be used if you only want some  of  the
       settings.  Some of the functionality of KDECMakeSettings can also be selectively disabled.

       ECM provides four different types of modules.

       · Core   modules   provide   helpful  macros  for  use  in  project  CMake  scripts.   See
         ecm-modules(7) for more information.

       · Find  modules  extend  the  functionality  of  CMake’s  find_package()   command.    See
         ecm-find-modules(7) for more information.

       · KDE  modules provide common settings for software produced by KDE; much of this may also
         be useful to other projects.  See ecm-kde-modules(7) for more information.

       · Toolchain files change the build tools and targets used by CMake. See  ecm-toolchains(7)
         for more information.

       The  ${ECM_MODULE_DIR},  ${ECM_FIND_MODULE_DIR} and ${ECM_KDE_MODULE_DIR} variables may be
       used instead of ${ECM_MODULE_PATH} if you only need some of this functionality.


       The ecm-developer(7) manual contains more information about  developing  for  Extra  CMake


       All code is licensed under the BSD 3-Clause license.


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