Provided by: gammu-smsd_1.40.0-1build2_amd64 bug


       gammu-smsd-files - gammu-smsd(1) backend using filesystem as a message storage


       FILES  backend  stores  all  data on a filesystem in folders defined by configuration (see
       gammu-smsdrc for description of configuration options).


       Received messages are stored in a folder defined by configuration. The  filename  will  be
       IN<date>_<time>_<serial>_<sender>_<sequence>.<ext>,               for              example

       Explanation of fields:

       <date> date in format YYYYMMDD

       <time> time in format HHMMSS

              sender number

              order of a message (in case more messages were received at same time), in format NN

              part of the message for multipart messages, in format NN

       <ext>  txt for text message, 8-bit messages are stored with bin extension,  smsbackup  for

       The  content  of  the  file  is  content  of  the  message  and  the  format is defined by
       configuration directive InboxFormat (see gammu-smsdrc).


       Transmitted messages are read from a folder defined by configuration. The filename  should
       be one of the following formats:

       · OUT<recipient>.<ext>

       · OUT<priority>_<recipient>_<serial>.<ext>

       · OUT<priority><date>_<time>_<serial>_<recipient>_<note>.<ext>

       Explanation of fields:

              recipient number where to send message

              an alphabetic character (A-Z) A = highest priority

       <ext>  txt for normal text SMS, smsbackup for gammu-smsbackup

       <note> any arbitrary text which is ignored

       For text messages, you can additionally append flags to extension:

          d      delivery report requested

          f      flash SMS

          b      WAP bookmark as name,URL

       Other fields are same as for received messages.

       For  example  OUTG20040620_193810_123_+4512345678_xpq.txtdf is a flash text SMS requesting
       delivery reports.

       SMSes will be transmitted sequentially based on the file name. The contents of the file is
       the SMS to be transmitted (in Unicode or standard character set).

       The  contents  of  the file is the SMS to be transmitted (in Unicode or standard character
       set), for WAP bookmarks it is split on as Name,URL, for text messages whole  file  content
       is used.

       Please  note  that if file is not in Unicode, encoding is detected based on locales, which
       do not have to be configured if SMSD is running from init script. If this  is  your  case,
       please add locales definition to init script.


       Michal Čihař <>


       2009-2015, Michal Čihař <>