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       hfsplus — a set of tools to access HFS+ file systems


       HFS+,  also  known  as  the Macintosh Extended Format, was introduced by Apple Computer in
       1998 with the release of MacOS 8.1.  It contains many improvements over the old  HFS  file
       system,  most  notably  the  ability to allocate up to 2^64 blocks, resulting in much more
       efficient storage of many small files on large disks.

       The hfsplus collection allows one to access volumes formatted with the  HFS+  file  system
       from  Debian  GNU/Linux  and  related operating systems.  The collection contains tools to
       mount and unmount HFS+ volumes, to change and list directories, and to copy files  to  and
       from HFS+ volumes.

       Note  that unlike its cousin, the hfsutils collection used for accessing HFS file systems,
       hfsplus does not use the Macintosh pathname syntax with ":"  as  delimiter.   Instead,  it
       mimics the unix notation, delimiting the names of volumes, directories and files in a path
       with "/", and also understands "." and ".." to some extent.

See also

       hpmount(1), hpls(1),  hpcd(1),  hppwd(1),  hpcopy(1),  hprm(1),  hpmkdir(1),  hpumount(1),


       This  manual  page was written by Jens Schmalzing <> for Debian GNU/Linux
       using the manual page by Klaus Halfmann <> that  comes  with  the  source
       code and documentation from the Tech Info Library.