Provided by: ibus-data_1.5.21-1~exp2ubuntu2_all bug


       ibus-emoji - Call the IBus emoji utility by IBus Emojier


       /usr/libexec/ibus-ui-emojier [OPTION]...


       IBus Emojier provides a GUI to select an emoji by typing an emoji annotation or choosing a
       character with mouse click and it's designed to work as an  extended  IBus  lookup  window
       using Space, Enter, and Arrow keys.  The text entry accepts an emoji annotation or Unicode
       points.  If IBus panel is launched, IBus panel calls IBus Emojier with a shortcut  key  or
       the  right  click  menu  and  output the selected emoji on the previous focused text on an
       application.  If IBus panel is not available likes GNOME desktop, You can still  use  ibus
       emoji command to launch IBus Emojier and it saves the selected emoji in your clipboard and
       you can paste the emoji by a paste key likes Control-v.

       Refer emoji section in ibus (1) for the command line options.



              You can choose a language of emoji annotations with ibus-setup (1).

       FONT   You can choose an emoji  font  with  ibus-setup  (1).   E.g.  "Noto  Color  Emoji",
              "Android Emoji" font.


              Launch IBus Emojier. The shortcut key can be customized by ibus-setup (1).

       Left, Right arrow, Control-b or Control-f
              Select the next left or right category or emoji on the list if an annotation is not
              typed.  Otherwise move the cursor to the immdediate left  or  right  in  the  typed

       Down, Up arrow, Control-n or Control-p
              Select the next top or down category or emoji on the list

       Enter  Commit the selected emoji.

       Escape Go back to the category list from emoji list, erase the typed annotation, and close
              IBus Emojier.

       Space  Select the next left category or emoji on the list.  If  Shift-Space  is  typed,  a
              space chararacter can be inserted between words in an annotation or Unicode points.
              E.g. 1f466 Shift-Space 1f3fb

       PageDown, PageUp, Control-Shift-n or Control-Shift-p
              Move to the next or previous page in the category or emoji list.

       Head, End, Control-h or Control-e
              Select the first or last  emoji  on  the  list  if  an  annotation  is  not  typed.
              Otherwise move the cursor to the head or end in the typed annotation.

              Erase the typed annotation.

       Control-x or Control-v or Control-c
              Cut  the selected annotation to the clipboard with Control-x. Paste the contents of
              the clipboard  into  the  annotation  entry  with  Control-v.   Copy  the  selected
              annotation to the clipboard with Control-c.

              Copy the selected emoji to the clipboard.


       If you find a bug, please report it at