Provided by: pacemaker-resource-agents_2.0.1-4ubuntu2_all bug


       ocf_pacemaker_ifspeed - Network interface speed monitor


         .PP OCF_RESKEY_name=string [OCF_RESKEY_iface=string] [OCF_RESKEY_ip=string]
       [OCF_RESKEY_bridge_ports=string] [OCF_RESKEY_weight_base=integer]
       [OCF_RESKEY_dampen=integer] [OCF_RESKEY_debug=string]

       ifspeed [start | stop | monitor | meta-data | validate-all]


       Every time the monitor action is run, this resource agent records (in the CIB) (relative)
       speed of network interface it monitors. This RA can monitor physical interfaces, bonds,
       bridges, vlans and (hopefully) any combination of them. Examples: *) Bridge on top of one
       10Gbps interface (eth2) and 802.3ad bonding (bond0) built on two 1Gbps interfaces (eth0
       and eth1). *) Active-backup bonding built on top of one physical interface and one vlan on
       another interface. For STP-enabled bridges this RA tries to some-how guess network
       topology and by default looks only on ports which are connected to upstream switch. This
       can be overridden by 'bridge_ports' parameter. Active interfaces in this case are those in
       "forwarding" state. For balancing bonds this RA summs speeds of underlying "up" slave
       interfaces (and applies coefficient 0.8 to result). For non-balancing bonds
       ('active-backup' and probably 'broadcast'), only the speed of the currently active slave
       is used.


       OCF_RESKEY_name = string [ifspeed]

           Attribute name

           The name of the attribute to set. This is the name to be used in the constraints.

       OCF_RESKEY_iface = string []

           Network interface

           Network interface to monitor.

       OCF_RESKEY_ip = string []

           IPv4 or IPv6 address

           Try to detect interface name by detecting the interface that holds the IP address. The
           IPv4 (dotted quad notation) or IPv6 address (colon hexadecimal notation) example IPv4
           "". example IPv6 "2001:db8:DC28:0:0:FC57:D4C8:1FFF".

       OCF_RESKEY_bridge_ports = string [detect]

           Bridge ports

           If not null and OCF_RESKEY_iface is a bridge, list of bridge ports to consider.
           Default is all ports which have designated_bridge=root_id.

       OCF_RESKEY_weight_base = integer [1000]

           Weight of 1Gbps

           Relative weight of 1Gbps in interface speed. Can be used to tune how big attribute
           value will be.

       OCF_RESKEY_dampen = integer [5]

           Dampening interval

           The time to wait (dampening) for further changes to occur.

       OCF_RESKEY_debug = string [false]

           Verbose logging

           Log what have been done more verbosely.


       Andrew Beekhof <>