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       os_mon - OS Monitoring Application


       The operating system monitor, OS_Mon, provides the following services:

         * cpu_sup CPU load and utilization supervision (Unix)

         * disksup Disk supervision(Unix, Windows)

         * memsup Memory supervision (Unix, Windows, VxWorks)

         * os_sup Interface to OS system messages (Solaris, Windows)

       To  simplify  usage of OS_Mon on distributed Erlang systems, it is not considered an error
       trying to use a service at a node where it is not available (either because OS_Mon is  not
       running,  or  because  the service is not available for that OS, or because the service is
       not started). Instead, a warning message is issued via error_logger and a dummy  value  is
       returned, which one is specified in the man pages for the respective services.


       When  OS_Mon  is started, by default all services available for the OS, except os_sup, are
       automatically started. This configuration can be changed using the  following  application
       configuration parameters:

         start_cpu_sup = bool():
           Specifies if cpu_sup should be started. Defaults to true.

         start_disksup = bool():
           Specifies if disksup should be started. Defaults to true.

         start_memsup = bool():
           Specifies if memsup should be started. Defaults to true.

         start_os_sup = bool():
           Specifies if os_sup should be started. Defaults to false.

       Configuration  parameters  effecting  the  different  OS_Mon services are described in the
       respective man pages.

       See config(5) for information about how to change the value of configuration parameters.


       cpu_sup(3erl), disksup(3erl), memsup(3erl), os_sup(3erl), nteventlog(3erl), snmp(3erl).