Provided by: oss4-base_4.2-build2010-5ubuntu4_amd64 bug


       oss_geode - National Semiconductor Geode audio driver.


       Open Sound System driver for National Semiconductor Geode/CS5530/CS5536 audio controllers.

       Geode device characteristics:

              ·  8/16 bit playback/record

              ·  mono/stereo playback/recording

              ·  8KHz to 48Khz sample rate.


       Some  old  Geode  CPUs  are  not  able to handle heavy computational loads.  If your audio
       streams are use a lot of CPU, you can start getting garbled audio  since  the  OSS  Sample
       Rate Convertor is CPU intensive. Setting vmix0-src to OFF will allow you to play audio but
       only at a fixed rate set via vmixctl (Default: 48Khz).


       /etc/oss4/conf/oss_geode.conf Device configuration file


       4Front Technologies

                                           13 June 2019                              oss_geode(7)