Provided by: shapetools_1.4pl6-14_amd64 bug


       shape_stdrul - shapeTools RMS general version selection rules


       The  shape release management system requires a set of standard version selection rules to
       be accessible project wide. These are defined  in  the  stdrules  file,  which  is  to  be
       included  into  the  Shapefiles  of  any  part  of the system controlled by the shapeTools
       release management system. Version selection rules drive the binding of component names in
       the  Shapefile  to  specific  versions  during  a build or release process (or better: any
       process performed  by  invocation  of  shape(1)  ).  Some  functions  of  shape_RMS  allow
       definition  of the version binding rule being active by defining the VERSIONS macro on the
       command line. This may be set to any of the rule names listed below.

       If you want to introduce new version selection rules for project wide  use,  you  may  add
       them  to  the  stdrules  file. You should be very careful, when altering this file. Do not
       remove any of the rules defined in the original version of stdrules (as it comes from  the
       shapeTools  distribution  tape)  because  these  are  essential for the release management
       system. When altering one of the original selection rules, you should be very concious  of
       what  you  are doing, as you may affect the operationality of shape RMS. For a description
       of the syntax of rule definitions, see the shape(1) manual.

       The standard version selection rules are:

                 For each component select a busy version if available,  the  most  recent  saved
                 version otherwise.

                 Use the last proposed version of each component. This rule fails, if no proposed
                 version is available

                 Select versions from the last generated release.

                 Select versions from the last generated prerelease.

                 Select versions included in the last release or prerelease, whichever is newer.

                 Select versions from a specific release or prerelease.  When using this rule the
                 value  of  the  macro  RELEASENAME  has  to  be  set  to the name of the desired

       extern    Always select a busy version (a regular UNIX file). This rule should be  applied
                 to  all  extern  components that are not under control of the shapeTools version
                 control system.




       shape_RMS(1), shape(1)