Provided by: shapetools_1.4pl6-14_amd64 bug


       shape_stdvar - shapeTools RMS project wide variant definitions


       This file contains common variant definitions to be used in a software development project
       supported by the shape release management system. The stdvar file defines a variant raster
       for  a  whole development project. This central definition facility unifies the naming and
       semantics of supported system variants.

       Stdvar is to be included into the Shapefiles of any  part  of  the  developed  system  via
       shape's  include  mechanism.  The  definitions  in stdvar should be carefully designed and
       maintained for each supported project.  They  usually  concern  variant  control  for  all
       hardware/operating  system  platforms  to  be  supported  or  variant  settings to produce
       different qualities of generated code (debug or optimized).

       Enclosed in the shapeTools distribution, you find the stdvar file used in the  development
       of  the  shape  toolkit  itself.  This  may be a good starting point for developing an own
       variant raster. At least, it helps you learning the definition syntax.  Otherwise,  for  a
       description on the syntax of variant definition parts see the shape(1) manual.




       shape_RMS(1), shape (1)