Provided by: virtualbox-guest-utils-hwe_6.0.14-dfsg-1ubuntu19.10.1_amd64 bug


       VBoxControl - x86 virtualization solution


       Oracle  VM  VirtualBox  Guest  Additions  Command  Line Management Interface (C) 2008-2019
       Oracle Corporation All rights reserved.


       VBoxControl [-V|--version]           print version number and  exit  VBoxControl  --nologo
       ...             suppress the logo

       VBoxControl  guestproperty            get <property> [--verbose] VBoxControl guestproperty
       set    <property>    [<value>     [--flags     <flags>]]     VBoxControl     guestproperty
       delete|unset   <property>   VBoxControl   guestproperty             enumerate  [--patterns
       <patterns>] VBoxControl guestproperty            wait <patterns>

       [--timestamp <last timestamp>]
              [--timeout <timeout in ms>

       VBoxControl  sharedfolder               list   [--automount]   VBoxControl   writecoredump
       VBoxControl  writelog  [-n|--no-newline]  [--]  <msg> VBoxControl takesnapshot VBoxControl
       savestate    VBoxControl     suspend     VBoxControl     poweroff     VBoxControl     help
       [command] VBoxControl version