Provided by: apt-cudf_5.0.1-14_amd64 bug


       apt-cudf-get - wrapper for calling apt-get with external solvers


       apt-cudf-get [arguments]


       apt-cudf-get is a wrapper that allows one to invoke apt-get with external solvers while
       ignoring apt's pinning.

       All options are passed on to apt-get.

       Normally, apt uses so-called pinning to select a candidate version of a package in case
       there are several versions available. This also holds when calling apt-get with external
       solvers. However, when it is not possible to find a solution under this constraint, it may
       be useful to relax pinning and to allow the external solver to choose among all available
       versions of packages in order to satisfy dependencies, not only those that are selected by
       the pinning.  This is precisely what apt-cudf-get does.

       Note that, when using an external solver, the proposed solution may contain any available
       version of the packages that are given as arguments to install on the command line without
       specifying a version qualifier.

       For example

           apt-cudf-get --solver aspcud install ocaml

       may propose to install any available version of ocaml, while

           apt-cudf-get --solver aspcud install ocaml=4.01.0

       will only propose to install ocaml in version 4.01.0


       Pietro Abate and Roberto Di Cosmo


       Not all types of arguments to apt are correctly treated by this wrapper, in particular not
       the +pkg and -pkg shorthands for installation and removal requests.


       apt-get(8), apt-cudf(1), apt-cudf.conf(5), update-cudf-solvers(8), README.cudf-solvers
       <file:///usr/share/doc/apt-cudf/README.cudf-solvers>, README.Debian

                                            2019-08-11                            APT-CUDF-GET(8)