Provided by: atm-tools_2.5.1-4_amd64 bug


       atmloop - get/set loopback mode of ATM interfaces


       atmloop -s [-l level] [-r level] [itf]
       atmloop [itf]
       atmloop -q [itf]
       atmloop -V


       atmloop  sets  or  shows  the current loopback settings of an ATM interface, and allows to
       query the loopback modes supported by the interface.

       Some ATM cards can be configured to echo data back to the driver (local  loopback)  or  to
       the network (remote loopback). The echoing may be done at several different levels:

       aal    AAL PDUs

       atm    ATM cells

              bits sent to or received from the line interface

       analog the analog signal

       The  levels  supported  by  an  interface  can  be queried with the -q option.  If invoked
       without options, atmloop displays the current loopback settings.


       -s     set loopback mode. Followed by either -l or -r,  both  options  to  set  local  and
              remote  loopback  at the same time (if supported by the driver), or none of them to
              turn off any loopback.

       -l level
              enable local loopback.

       -r level
              enable remote loopback.

       -q level
              query loopback levels supported by the interface.

       -V     print version number of atmloop on standard output and exit.


       Werner Almesberger, EPFL ICA <>


       atmdiag(8), sonetdiag(8)