Provided by: openvas-cli_1.4.5-2_amd64 bug


       check_omp - OMP command line tool to support Nagios core for OpenVAS


       check_omp OPTIONS


       check_omp is a OMP command line tool specifically designed to support Nagios core in order
       to integrate vulnerability scan results into system monitoring.

       Basically, check_omp works the same like the "omp" command line tool.


       -H, --host=HOST
              Connect to OpenVAS Manager on host HOST.

       -p, --port=PORT
              Connect to OpenVAS Manager on port PORT.

       -u, --username=USER
              Use the username USER to access the OpenVAS Manager.

       -w, --password=PASSWORD
              Use the password PASSWORD to access the OpenVAS Manager. If the password is not set
              as parameter, it will be requested interactively.

       -O, --ping
              Ping the manager.

       -t, --timout=SECONDS
              Wait SECONDS for response (0 disables timeout).

       -n, --name=NAME
              Use NAME as the name for the newly created task.

       -T, --task=TASK
              Report status of task TASK.

       -F, --host-filter=IP
              Report last report status of host IP.

              Include overrides (N: 0=no, 1=yes).

       -d, --details
              Include connection details in output.

       -l, --report-link
              Include URL of report in output.

       --dfn  Include DFN-CERT IDs on vulnerabilities in output.

       --oid  Include OIDs of NVTs finding vulnerabilities in output.

              Include descriptions of NVTs finding vulnerabilities in output.

              Include log messages in output.

              Include timestamp of scan end in output.

              Trust  vendor security updates for automatic false positive filtering (0=No, 1=full
              match, 2=partial).

       -e, --empty-as-unknown
              Respond with UNKNOWN on empty results.

              Report status of task.

       -A, --use-asset-management
              Request host status via Asset Management.

              Report status by trend (default).

              Report status by last report.

       -V, --version
              Print version.

       -v, --verbose
              Verbose messages (WARNING: may reveal passwords).

              Turn status UNKNOWN into status CRITICIAL.

       -?, --help
              Show help.


       omp --username foobar --trend

       Connect to the OpenVAS Manager as user foobar and ask for trend.


       openvassd(8) gsad(8) openvasmd(8) omp(8)


       The canonical places where you will find more information about the OpenVAS  project  are:   (Official   site)
       (Development Platform)


       The check_omp command line client is released under the GNU GPL, version 2,  or,  at  your
       option, any later version.