Provided by: cpu_1.4.3-12_amd64 bug


       cpu - A tool for user and group administration


       cpu [OPTIONS]


       CPU  is  a tool for user administration, that was initially based on FreeBSD's pw(8). This
       tool will allow you to administer users and groups on several different backends currently
       including  LDAP and flat files. Please see the website for more
       information, or help improve the man page.


       There are two kinds of options; options for CPU and options for CPU  modules.   There  are
       only four options for CPU, they are as follows:

       -C configfile, --config configfile
              The configuration file to be used by CPU. The options in this file are used for CPU

       -h, --help
              Display help for CPU. If specified in conjunction with the -m option the  help  for
              that particular module is displayed.

       -M method, --method=method
              This is the method of administration. Current options are ldap or passwd (passwd is
              not yet working). This can be specified in the configuration file.

       -V, --version
              Display the version of the software.


       cpu.conf(5) cpu-ldap(8)


       Blake Matheny <>

       The current version of this software is always available at


       To report a bug or problem, please e-mail:


       See TODO file that accompanied software. Please e-mail us with any additional suggestions.

                                         17 February 2003                                  CPU(8)