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       backupd - Cyrus IMAP documentation

       Cyrus Backups server process


       backupd [ -C config-file ] [ -U uses ] [ -T timeout ] [ -D ]
           [ -s ] [ -N ] [ -p ssf ]


       backupd  is  the  Cyrus Backups server.  It accepts Cyrus replication protocol commands on
       its standard input and responds on its standard output.  It MUST be invoked  by  master(8)
       with   those   descriptors   attached   to  a  replication  client  connection,  typically

       backupd reads its configuration options out of the  imapd.conf(5)  file  unless  specified
       otherwise by -C.

       backupd  is  generally  configured  to run on a dedicated backup server, containing backup
       storage, but no IMAP service or mailbox storage.

       You must configure at least one backuppartition.  User backups will be  distributed  among
       the  configured partitions.  Note that there is no relationship between mailbox partitions
       and backuppartitions.

       If the directory log/user exists under the  directory  specified  in  the  configdirectory
       configuration  option,  then  backupd  will  create  protocol  telemetry logs for sessions
       authenticating as user.  The telemetry logs will be stored in the log/user directory  with
       a filename of the backupd process-id.


       -C config-file
              Use   the   specified  configuration  file  config-file  rather  than  the  default

       -U uses
              The maximum number of times that the process should be  used  for  new  connections
              before shutting down.  The default is 250.

       -T timeout
              The  number  of  seconds  that  the  process  will wait for a new connection before
              shutting down.  Note that a value of  0  (zero)  will  disable  the  timeout.   The
              default is 60.

       -D     Run external debugger specified in debug_command.

       -p ssf Tell backupd that an external layer exists.  An SSF (security strength factor) of 1
              means an integrity protection layer exists.  Any higher SSF implies  some  form  of
              privacy protection.


       backupd is commonly included in the SERVICES section of cyrus.conf(5) like so:

       SERVICES {
           backupd        cmd="backupd" listen="csync" prefork=0




       imapd.conf(5), master(8), sync_client(8)


       The Cyrus Team


       1993-2017, The Cyrus Team