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NAME - Directory Server script for monitoring database and entry cache usage


       [INCR=num]    [SERVID=server_id][BINDDN=binddn]    [BINDPW=password]    [DBLIST=databases]
       [INDEXLIST=indexes] [VERBOSE=num]

DESCRIPTION is a tool used to monitor database and entry cache usage. It is especially useful
       for  database cache and entry/dn cache tuning - how much space is left, is the cache full,
       how much space on average do I need per entry/dn.


       It doesn't take any  command  line  arguments,  so  all  options  must  be  passed  in  as
       environment variables. will loop repeatedly showing the db information until it is killed or Ctrl-C

       All arguments are optional, but you will most likely have to provide BINDPW

       INCR - show results every INCR seconds - default is 1 second

       SERVID - Name of the server instance

       BINDDN  -  DN  to  use to bind - must have permission to read everything under cn=config -
       default is cn=Directory Manager

       BINDPW - password for BINDDN - default is secret

       DBLIST - a list of databases you want to check - default is  all  ;  for  more  than  one,
       delimit with spaces e.g. DBLIST="one two three"

       INDEXLIST  -  a list of indexes to show for each named database - default is none; specify
       all for all indexes, or named e.g. INDEXLIST="id2entry entryrdn"

       VERBOSE - output level - 0 == suitable for parsing by a script - 1 == has column  headings
       - 2 == provides detailed descriptions of the data - default is 0


       INCR=1  SERVID=slapd-localhost  BINDDN="cn=directory  manager"  BINDPW="secret"  VERBOSE=2

AUTHOR was written by the 389 Project.


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       Copyright © 2017 Red Hat, Inc.

                                           Mar 20, 2017                               DBMON.SH(8)