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       e2guardian2 - web content filter


       e2guardian [ -c config-file ] [ -v ] [ -h ] [ -N ] [ -q ] [ -Q ] [ -s ] [ -r ] [ -g ]


       e2guardian  is  a  web content filtering proxy(1) for Linux, NetBSD, FreeBSD, OpenBSD, and
       Solaris that uses Squid(2) to do all the fetching.

       It filters using multiple methods. These methods include URL and domain filtering, content
       phrase  filtering,  PICS  filtering,  MIME  type filtering, file extension filtering, POST
       limiting and content (AV) scanning.

       The content phrase filtering will check for pages that  contain  profanities  and  phrases
       often  associated  with  pornography  and  other  undesirable content.  The POST filtering
       allows you to block or limit web uploads.  The URL and domain filtering is able to  handle
       huge lists and is significantly faster than squidGuard.

       Content  scanning  enables  downloaded content to be passed through ClamD, KAVD, any local
       program with machine-parseable console output, and any other AV scanner  available  as  an
       ICAP server.

       The  filtering has configurable domain, user and source IP exception lists.  SSL tunneling
       is supported; however, due to the encrypted nature of HTTPS requests,  filtering  is  only
       supported  on destination domain or with SSL MITM configuration.  The configurable logging
       produces a log in an easy to read format which has the option to only log  the  text-based
       pages, thus significantly reducing redundant information such as every image on a page.

       e2guardian is under continuous development and so it is best to visit the web site for the
       latest information.

        (1) Technically e2guardian is more of a filtering pass-through than a true  proxy  -  but
       don't let that worry you!

        (2)  e2guardian  should  work with any proxy, not just Squid. For example, it is known to
       work with Oops.


       For all further information including copyright, support, FAQ, docs, mailing list - please
       go to:

       Available documentation can be found at

       The e2guardian FAQ is at

       Some useful HOWTOs that cover specific implimentations of e2guardian and caching/filtering
       in general can be found at

       Information  about  Debian  specific  changes  and   configuration   can   be   found   in
       /usr/share/doc/e2guardian/changelog.Debian.gz .


       -c config-file
              Use the given config-file.

       -v     gives the version number and build options.

       -h     Output a short summary of available command line options.

       -N     Do not go into the background.

       -q     causes e2guardian to kill any running copy.

       -Q     kill any running copy AND start a new one with current options.

       -s     shows the parent process PID and exits.

       -r     closes all connections and reloads config files by issuing a HUP, but this does not
              reset the maxchildren option (amongst others).

       -g     gently restarts by not closing all current connections; only reloads  filter  group
              config files. (Issues a USR1)


       e2guardian is copyright E2BN and Frederic Bourgeois