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       filetea - Web based file sharing service daemon


       filetea [OPTIONS]


       This manual page documents briefly the filetea command.

       FileTea  is  a  Web  service that provides instant and anonymous file-sharing using only a
       standard browser as client. Unlike traditional Web based  file-sharing  services,  FileTea
       does not store files server-side. Instead, files are just routed on-the-fly from seeder to
       leecher, through the server.

       filetea  is  the  service  daemon  that  runs  on  a  FileTea  server.  It  handles   peer
       synchronization, file routing and status reporting; and also acts as web-server for static
       HTML content when run in standalone mode.


       -h, --help
              Display a brief summary of the command-line options and their default values.

       -c config, --conf=config
              Absolute   path   for   the    configuration    file    to    use,    default    is

       -D, --daemonize
              Run the service in the background.

       -p port, --http-port=port
              Port  to  listen  on  for  plain  HTTP  service,  overriding the value specified in
              configuration file.

       -P port, --https-port=port
              Port to listen on for secure HTTP service (https), overriding the  value  specified
              in configuration file.


              Filetea config file.


       This manpage has been written by Eduardo Lima Mitev <>

                                            2011-10-21                                 filetea(8)