Provided by: deltarpm_3.6+dfsg-1build8_amd64 bug


       fragiso - split rpm packages from an iso and reassemble the iso later on


       fragiso make iso fiso
       fragiso list fiso
       fragiso fill [-m] fiso iso


       fragiso  can  be  used  to  convert  an  iso  file  into  a fragment file, which is a list
       describing all of the rpms on the iso and a data chunk containing everything but the rpms.
       It  is  used  by  drpmsync when an iso needs to be transferred. The idea is that often the
       rpms on the iso are already available on the destination host, so it  saves  bandwidth  to
       first  transfer  the  fragmented  iso,  copy  the  locally  available  rpms,  transfer the
       unavailable rpms and reassemble the iso file.

       fragiso make converts the iso into the fragment iso, fragiso list can be used  to  extract
       the  rpm  information.  This information consists of the offset and length of all rpms and
       the lead/signature header md5sum plus the header/payload md5sum. To reassemble the iso one
       has  to  copy the rpms at the right offset into a new file and then use fragiso fill later
       on to provide all data not contained in the rpms. The -m option tells fragiso to print the
       resulting md5sum of the iso to stdout.  It can be used for verification purposes.




       Michael Schroeder <>

                                             Mar 2007                                  FRAGISO(8)