Provided by: openvas-scanner_5.1.3-2_amd64 bug


       greenbone-nvt-sync  -  updates  the OpenVAS NVTs from Greenbone Security Feed or Community




       The  OpenVAS  Scanner  performs  several  security  checks.  These  are   called   Network
       Vulnerability  Tests  (NVTs)  and are mostly implemented in the programming language NASL.
       Some NVTs are wrappers for external tools.  As new  vulnerabilities  are  published  every
       day,  new NVTs appear in the Greenbone Security Feed. This feed is commercial and requires
       a respective subscription key.  In  case  no  subscription  key  is  present,  the  update
       synchronisation will use the Community Feed instead.

       The  script  greenbone-nvt-sync will fetch all new and updated security checks and install
       them at the proper location. Once this is done it  will  send  a  signal  to  the  OpenVAS
       Scanner,  openvassd(8)  so  that  the  new NVTs are loaded and considered for new security
       scans. If your installation does not allow automatic restart,  you  need  to  restart  the
       scanner  manually.   Subsequent  to the scanner, the script also tries to send a signal to
       the OpenVAS Manager openvasmd(8) so that the information about the NVTs are  also  updated
       into the Manager database.


       For more information see: openvassd(8), openvasmd(8)


       This manual page was written by Jan-Oliver Wagner <>.

       The greenbone-nvt-sync script was written by Greenbone Networks GmbH.