Provided by: ifupdown2_1.2.7-1_all bug


       ifreload - reload network interface configuration


          ifreload [-h] (-a|-c) [-v] [-d] [-f] [-n] [-s]


          reloads  network  interfaces(5)  file /etc/network/interfaces or config file defined in
          ifupdown2.conf file.

          Runs ifdown on interfaces that were removed from the file and subsequently runs ifup on
          all interfaces.

          ifreload  is  non-disruptive. It will fix running config to match what is configured in
          the interfaces file without bringing the interface down. There are some cases where  on
          linux  an interface config cannot be applied unless the interface is brought
          change of mac address and a few bond attributes. For such  attribute  changes,  it  may
          flap the interface only if the linux kernel requires it to.

          When  removing  an  interface (iface section) from the interfaces file please make sure
          all its references are removed as well. Similarly when renaming  an  interface,  please
          make  sure  all  references  to  the interface are changed to the new name. Renaming an
          interface in the interfaces file results in ifdown of the old and ifup of the interface
          with the new name.

          If  you  do  not wish to execute down on any interfaces, but only up on interfaces that
          were already up, please see the --currently-up option below.


          -h, --help
                 show this help message and exit

          -a, --all
                 process all interfaces marked "auto"

          -v, --verbose

          -d, --debug
                 output debug info

          -f, --force
                 force run all operations

          -c, --currently-up
                 Reload the configuration for all interfaces which are currently up regardless of
                 whether   an   interface   has   "auto  <interface>"  configuration  within  the
                 /etc/network/interfaces file.

          -X EXCLUDEPATS, --exclude EXCLUDEPATS
                 Exclude interfaces from the list of interfaces to operate on. Can  be  specified
                 multiple  times  If  the  excluded  interface  has dependent interfaces, (e.g. a
                 bridge or  a  bond  with  multiple  enslaved  interfaces)  then  each  dependent
                 interface must be specified in order to be excluded.

          -s, --syntax-check
                 Only run the interfaces file parser


          # reload all auto interfaces in interfaces(5) file

          ifreload -a

          # reload all interfaces using service command

          service networking reload

          # reload all currently up interfaces without bringing any interfaces down

          service networking reload-currently-up


          ifup(8), ifdown(8), ifquery(8), interfaces(5), ifupdown-addons-interfaces(5)


       Roopa Prabhu <>


       Copyright 2014 Cumulus Networks, Inc.  All rights reserved.