Provided by: intltool_0.51.0-5ubuntu1_all bug


       intltool-update - updates PO template file and merge translations with it


       intltool-update [option]...
       intltool-update LANGCODE


       intltool-update  generates  new  po  file  templates from source code, and merges existing
       translations with these new po templates.

       You must change working directory to the  subdirectory  containing  translations  (usually
       "po/") before running intltool-update.


       When executing intltool-update , only one mode of operation is allowed each time.

   Mode of operation
           Generate po template (.pot) only.

           Executes  intltool-extract(8)  to extract strings inside XML/INI style files listed in
 , and writes the extracted strings into header files, so that  the  strings
           can be recognised by xgettext(1).

           Search  for  left  out  files,  which  should  have  been  listed  in  or
           POTFILES.skip.  A list of all  these  files  are  written  into  another  file  called

           Display a status report for all translations in the software.

       -d LANGCODE
       --dist LANGCODE
           Merge LANGCODE.po with existing PO template.

   Other options
       -g NAME
           Manually  specify PO template file name, instead of determining the name automatically
           from source. Useful with -p/--pot option. This option has an  additional  effect:  the
           name of current working directory is no more limited to "po" or "po-*".

       -o FILENAME
           Manually  specify  output  FILENAME  after  merging  old translation with PO template.
           Useful either with -d/--dist option or without any option.

           Display lots of feedback.

           Show version information.

           Show usage and basic help information.


       Creates a new PO template from source code, and name it foo.pot:

         intltool-update --pot --gettext-package=foo

       Updates translation file xy.po using existing po template  called  "bar.pot",  and  writes
       output into "xy1.po":

         intltool-update --dist --gettext-package=bar --output-file=xy1.po xy

       Creates  new PO template and updates translation file xy.po (xy.po is overwritten with new

         intltool-update xy
         (same as intltool-update --pot && intltool-update --dist xy)


              Contains list of source files which contain  translatable  strings,  one  file  per

       po/POTFILES.ignore (obsolete)
              Contains  list  of  source  files  which  should  be  ignored  when  searching  for
              translatable strings.


       Report bugs to


       Darin Adler <>
       Kenneth Christiansen <>
       Maciej Stachowiak <>


       intltoolize(8), intltool-prepare(8), intltool-extract(8), intltool-merge(8), xgettext(1)