Provided by: freeipa-server_4.8.1-2ubuntu1_amd64 bug


       ipactl - IPA Server Control Interface


       ipactl command


       A tool to help an administer control an IPA environment.

       IPA  glues  several discrete services together to work in concert and the order that these
       services are started and stopped is important. ipactl ensures that they  are  started  and
       stopped in the correct order.

       IPA  stores the available masters and the services configured on each one. The first thing
       ipactl does is start (if it is not already running) the IPA 389-ds instance to query  what
       services  it  controls.  The hostname used in the query needs to match the hostname of the
       value  stored  in   LDAP.   This   can   be   controlled   with   the   host   option   in
       /etc/ipa/default.conf. This should be a fully-qualified hostname.


       start  Start all of the services that make up IPA

       stop   Stop all of the services that make up IPA

              Stop then start all of the services that make up IPA

       status Provides status of all the services that make up IPA

       -d, --debug
              Display debugging information

              Skip version check

              If  any  service  start  fails,  do  not  rollback  the services, continue with the

       -f, --force
              Force IPA to start.  Combine  options  --skip-version-check  and  --ignore-service-