Provided by: kopano-utils_8.7.0-3build2_amd64 bug


       kopano-archiver-aclsync - Synchronizes archive ACL settings with those of the primary


       kopano-archiver-aclsync [OPTION...]


       When a user has set permissions for others on his or her store or folders, the other user
       will need at least read-permissions on this persons archive as well in order to read
       stubbed messages or access the archive directly. These permissions can not be set by the
       owner of the archive if the archive was attached without write privileges. Even if the
       user has write permissions, it's a nuisance to have to set all the permissions twice (or
       more if multiple archives are attached).

       kopano-archiver-aclsync can be used to propagate the ACL settings from the primary store
       to the archives. However, no user will ever get more right on a store or folder than the
       owner of the archive. So if the archive was attached without write permissions, no user
       will get write permissions on the archive.

       For every archived folder in an archived store kopano-archiver-aclsync will first
       determine the rights for the owner of the archive. Then it will get all the entries from
       the ACL of the current folder except those of the owner. Each right will be masked with
       the rights of the owner before being added to the ACL of the archive folder.


       --user, -u NAME
           Run the script for just the specified user(s). By default, it runs for all users.

       --log-level, -l NAME
           Specify log-level, for example, 'error', 'warning' 'info' or 'debug'.

       --server-socket, -s SOCKET
           Connect to storage server through specified socket.

       --ssl-key, -k FILE
           Specify SSL key file.

       --ssl-pass, -p PASSWORD
           Specify SSL key password.


       Written by Kopano.