Provided by: kopano-utils_8.7.0-3build2_amd64 bug


       kopano-dbadm — database administration utility


       kopano-dbadm [-c server.cfg] action...


       This  tool  is for special surgical tasks on the Kopano SQL database.  kopano-server ought
       to be stopped when running this  utility,  unless  otherwise  noted.  You  should  make  a
       database backup first.


       -c server.cfg
              By  default,  kopano-dbadm  will  read  /etc/kopano/server.cfg for MySQL connection
              parameters, but an alternate file may be specified.


       This is an alias for the combination of: index-tags,  np-remove-highid,  np-remove-unused,
       np-repair-dups,  np-defrag,  rm-helper-index.  It  may be used to address the K-1216 issue
       that kopano-server(8) may report when performing a  schema  update.  If  the  tag  indices
       already  exist,  harmless  warnings will show, but the indices will be used and left as-is
       after the k-1216 action is done.

       Deletes all cached IMAP Envelopes that show signs of  having  address  lists  with  excess
       parentheses.  This  action  can  be executed while kopano-server is active.  If you do so,
       also execute `kopano-srvadm --clear-cache=cell` afterwards.

       Compact the ID space in the namedproperties table and  lowers  the  AUTO_INCREMENT  value,
       thereby making IDs actually usable after a remove operation (such as np-remove-xh).

       Remove  all  named  property mappings with internal ID higher than 31485. As Kopano/Zarafa
       MAPI clients cannot handle these IDs anyway, the IDs are never used to store any data  and
       only occupy the ID space needlessy.

       Remove all named property mappings that have zero use counts in other tables.

       kopano-dagent(8)  used  to  index  all  X-Headers  from  Internet  e-mails by default, but
       administrators may not  have  needed  this  information  in  the  first  place.  By  using
       np-remove-xh,   all   named   properties   whose   name   starts   with   "X-"   and  have
       GUID=PS_INTERNET_HEADERS are removed. np-defrag should be run afterwards.

       Repairs duplicate named properties (only IDs below or equal to 31485).

       Show statistics  for  the  namedproperties  table.  This  action  can  be  executed  while
       kopano-server is active.

       Create  helper  indices  for  the  "tag"  columns.  This  action  can  be  executed  while
       kopano-server is active.

       Remove helper indices again. This action can be executed while kopano-server is active.

       This is an alias for the combination of: usmp-shrink-columns, usmp-charset.

       Convert the database to utf8mb4 to support the Unicode Supplemental  Plane,  better  known
       for Emoji characters.

       A number of table columns will be shrunk to accommodate certain MySQL index limits.


       Totally  depends on the amount of data that needs to be moved. MySQL also seems to process
       the requests single-threadedly.

       An approximate row count of  a  table  can  be  retrieved  with  SHOW  TABLE  STATUS  LIKE
       "properties". For an exact count, use SELECT COUNT(*) FROM `properties`.

       An  i7-3930K  completed  a  naturally-evolved  DB  (4.96  GiB,  properties:  12.94M  rows,
       tproperties:  9.65M  rows,  mvproperties:  9.9K  rows,  indexedproperties:   3.24M   rows,
       singleinstances: 188K rows, names: 2988) using the "k-1216" command combo within 2 minutes
       and The "np-remove-xh, np-defrag" combo within 5 1/2 minutes.

       An AMD Ryzen  1700X  completed  the  "usmp-charset"  transformation  on  a  DB  (6.3  GiB,
       properties:   16.43M   rows,   tproperties:   12.25M   rows,   mvproperties:  10.2K  rows,
       indexedproperties: 410K rows, singleinstances: 258K rows) in 7 minutes.

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