Provided by: mailman_2.1.29-1_amd64 bug


       list_members - List all the members of a Mailman mailing list


       list_members [-o file] [-r] [-d] [-p] [-h] listname


       -o file, --output file
              Write output to specified file instead of standard out.

       -r, --regular
              Print just the regular (non-digest) members.

       -d [kind], --digest[=kind]
              Print  just  the  digest members.  Optional argument can be "mime" or "plain" which
              prints just the digest members receiving that kind of digest.

       --nomail[=why], -n [why]
              Print the members that have delivery disabled.  Optional argument can be "byadmin",
              "byuser",  "bybounce",  or  "unknown" which prints just the users who have delivery
              disabled for that reason.  It can also be "enabled" which prints just those  member
              for whom delivery is enabled.

       -f, --fullnames
              Include the full names in the output.

       -p, --preserve
              Output  member  addresses  case  preserved  the  way  they  were added to the list.
              Otherwise, addresses are printed in all lowercase.

       -i, --invalid
              Print only the addresses in the membership list that are invalid.  Ignores -r,  -d,

       -u, --unicode
              Print  addresses  which  are  stored  as  Unicode  objects instead of normal string
              objects.  Ignores -r, -d, -n.

       -h, --help
              Print a small help text and exit

              listname is the name of the mailing list to use.


       Note that if neither -r or -d  is  supplied,  both  regular  members  are  printed  first,
       followed by digest members, but no indication is given as to address status.


       Author  of  Mailman  is  the Mailman Cabal, see for information. This
       manpage is written by Tollef Fog Heen <> for Debian, but may be  used  by


       Mailman documentation on and in /usr/share/doc/mailman.

                                            2004-10-17                            LIST_MEMBERS(8)