Provided by: ltsp-server_5.18.12-3_all bug


       ltsp-update-image - generate an NBD image from an LTSP chroot


       ltsp-update-image [OPTION] [CHROOT...]


       Generates  a  compressed  squashfs  NBD  image  from  an  LTSP  chroot and exports it with
       nbd-server. Chroot can be a full path or a subdirectory of the LTSP base directory, and it
       defaults to the host architecture if unset.


       -b, --base[=PATH]
              The LTSP base directory Defaults to /opt/ltsp if unspecified.

       -c, --cleanup
              Temporarily remove user accounts, logs, caches etc from the chroot before exporting
              the image. The chroot arch is required to be compatible with the server arch.

              Compress the resulting image with TYPE (gzip, lzo, xz, lz4).  If  unspecified,  use
              mksquashfs default.

       -e, --exclude[=LIST]
              List   of   dirs/files  to  exclude  from  the  image.   This  is  in  addition  to

       -f, --config-nbd
              Generate appropriate nbd-server configuration files.  It's automatically set if NFS
              isn't used or if other LTSP generated nbd-server configuration files already exist.

       -h, --help
              Displays the ltsp-update-image help message.

       -m, --no-compress
              Don't compress the generated image.

       -n, --no-backup
              Don't backup chroot.img to chroot.img.old.

       -r, --revert
              Swap chroot.img with chroot.img.old and update kernels.

              Output version information and exit.


       Part  of  the  ltsp  package  and  the  latest  versions are available in source form from


       /etc/ltsp/<tool>.conf: Upon execution the tool will read a configuration file to  override
       built-in defaults.

       Values  are  NAME="VALUE"  pairs,  with  #  representing commented lines. most commandline
       options have an equivalent.  an  example  Debian  based  system  with  an  alternate  base
       location, architecture, and distribution:

        # set alternate default location for ltsp chroot (--base)
        # build an amd64 chroot by default (--arch)
        # build a Debian sid environment (--dist)

       /etc/ltsp/ltsp-server.conf:  Each LTSP server tool will read a generic configuration file.
       This file is typically used for setting BASE, TFTP_DIRS and TFTP_BOOT_DIR. These  settings
       are overwritten by those set in specific tool configs.


       Autogenerated  from  the  script source code with help2man. Distributed under the terms of
       the GNU General Public License version 2 or any later version.


       Report bugs to


       ltsp-build-client(8),   ltsp-update-kernels(8),   ltsp-update-sshkeys(8),   mksquashfs(1),