Provided by: luckybackup_0.5.0-2_amd64 bug


       luckybackup - a powerful, fast and reliable backup & sync tool


       luckybackup [OPTIONS]... [FILE]...


       luckybackup  is  an application that backs-up and/or synchronizes any directories with the
       power of rsync


            displays this help message
           displays the current version of the application
            does not execute tasks that appear with a 'CRITICAL' warning message
            executes luckybackup in dry-run (simulation) mode
            executes luckybackup in silent mode (just tray notification icon shown)
            console mode. Use this, if there is no graphical envrironment available
            skips confirmation questions asked to user. Implies -c (console mode)

            is the filename of the already created profile that is going to be executed

       1. Execute luckybackup gui :
       $ luckybackup
       2.      Execute       luckybackup       in       silent       mode       for       profile
       '~/.luckyBackup/profiles/BackupHome.profile' :
       $ luckybackup --silent ~/.luckyBackup/profiles/BackupHome.profile

       3.       Execute       luckybackup       in       console       mode      for      profile
       '~/.luckyBackup/profiles/BackupHome.profile' :
       $ luckybackup -c BackupHome.profile
       4.      Execute      luckybackup       in       console       mode       for       profile
       Do not ask any questions and skip all operations that appear CRITICAL after the checks :
       $ luckybackup --skip-critical --no-questions ~/.luckyBackup/profiles/BackupHome.profile


       For  a  complete  documentation,  please have a look at the application manual via the gui
       main window help menu.


       luckybackup was written by <Loukas Avgeriou>.

       This manual page was written by luckyb <>,  for  the  Debian
       project (but may be used by others).

                                            2017-10-05                             LUCKYBACKUP(8)