Provided by: openvas-cli_1.4.5-2_amd64 bug


       omp - OMP command line client for the Open Vulnerability Assessment System (OpenVAS)


       omp OPTIONS


       Together,  OpenVAS  Scanner  (openvassd(8)) and OpenVAS Manager (openvasmd(8)) provide the
       core functionality of the Open Vulnerability Assessment  System  (OpenVAS),  with  OpenVAS
       Scanner  handling  the  actual  scan process and OpenVAS Manager adding various management
       functionalities to handle and organise scan results.

       The omp binary is a command line client which uses the OMP  protocol  to  connect  to  the
       OpenVAS Manager and makes it easy to access the full functionality provided by the OpenVAS
       Manager conveniently from the command line and allows  quick  integration  in  a  scripted


       -h, --host=HOST
              Connect to OpenVAS Manager on host HOST.

       -p, --port=PORT
              Connect to OpenVAS Manager on port PORT.

       -u, --username=USER
              Use the username USER to access the OpenVAS Manager.

       -w, --password=PASSWORD
              Use the password PASSWORD to access the OpenVAS Manager. If the password is not set
              as parameter, it will be requested interactively.

              Use the information provided in FILE  as  parameters  for  the  connection  to  the
              OpenVAS Manager.

              Replace  SENDFILE  in  xml string to send with base64 encoded content of FILE. Only
              the first occurrence is replaced.

       -P, --prompt
              Prompt to exit.

       -O, --get-omp-version
              Display the OMP version used by OpenVAS Manager.

       -C, --create-task
              Create a task.

       -n, --name=NAME
              Use NAME as the name for the newly created task.

       -c, --comment=COMMENT
              Use COMMENT as the comment for the newly created task.

       -t, --target=TARGET
              Use TARGET as the target for the newly created task.

       --file Add text in stdin as file on task..

       -E, --delete-report
              Delete one or more reports.

       -D, --delete-task
              Delete one or more tasks.

       -R, --get-report
              Get report of one task.

       -F, --get-report-formats
              Get report formats (OMP 2.0 only).

       -f, --format=FORMAT
              Get report in format FORMAT.

       -G, --get-tasks
              Get status of one, many or all tasks.

       -g, --get-configs
              Get configs.

       -T, --get-targets
              Get targets.

       -M, --modify-task
              Modify a task.

       -S, --start-task
              Start one or more tasks.

       -X, --xml=COMMAND
              Send COMMAND as XML to the OpenVAS Manager (e.g. "<help/>", "<get_version/>").

       -i, --pretty-print
              In combination with -X, pretty print the response.

       -v, --version
              Print version.

       -?, --help
              Show help.


       omp --username foobar --get-tasks

       Connect to the OpenVAS Manager as user foobar and get the list of tasks.


       openvassd(8) gsad(8) openvasmd(8) check_omp(8)


       The canonical places where you will find more information about the OpenVAS  project  are:   (Official   site)
       (Development Platform)


       The omp command line client is released under the GNU GPL, version 2, or, at your  option,
       any later version.