Provided by: opa-fastfabric_10. bug



       (Switch)  Initiates or stops Cable Bit Error Rate stress tests for Intel(R) Omni-Path Host
       Fabric Interface (HFI)-to-switch links and/or ISLs.


       opacabletest [-C|-A] [-c file] [-f hostfile] [-h 'hosts'] [-n numprocs]
       [-t portsfile] [-p ports] [start|start_fi|start_isl|stop|stop_fi|
       stop_isl] ...


       --help    Produces full help text.

       -C        Clears error counters.

       -A        Forces the system to clear hardware error counters. Implies -C.

       -c file   Specifies   the   error    thresholds    configuration    file.    Default    is
                 /etc/opa/ file. Only used if -C or -A specified.

       -f hostfile
                 Specifies  the  file  with  hosts  to  include  in  HFI  -to-SW test. Default is
                 /etc/opa/hosts file.

       -h hosts  Specifies the list of hosts to include in HFI -SW test.

       -n numprocs
                 Specifies the number of processes per host for HFI -SW test.

       -t portsfile
                 Specifies the file with list of local HFI ports  used  to  access  fabrics  when
                 clearing counters. Default is /etc/opa/ports file.

       -p ports  Specifies the list of local HFI ports used to access fabrics for counter clear.

                 Default  is  first active port. The first HFI in the system is 1. The first port
                 on an HFI is 1. Uses the format hfi:port,
                 for example:

                 0:0       First active port in system.

                 0:y       Port y within system.

                 x:0       First active port on HFI x.

                 x:y       HFI x, port y.

       start     Starts the HFI -SW and ISL tests.

       start_fi  Starts the HFI -SW test.

       start_isl Starts the ISL test.

       stop      Stops the HFI -SW and ISL tests.

       stop_fi   Stops the HFI -SW test.

       stop_isl  Stops the ISL test.

       The HFI -SW cable test requires that the FF_MPI_APPS_DIR is set, and it  contains  a  pre-
       built copy of the mpi_apps for an appropriate message passing interface (MPI).

       The  ISL cable test started by this tool assumes that the master Host Subnet Manager (HSM)
       is running on this host. If using the Embedded Subnet Manager (ESM),  or  if  a  different
       host  is  the  master  HSM, the ISL cable test must be controlled by the switch CLI, or by
       Intel(R) Omni-Path Fabric Suite FastFabric on the master HSM respectively.


       opacabletest -A start
       opacabletest -f good -A start
       opacabletest -h 'arwen elrond' start_fi
       HOSTS='arwen elrond' opacabletest stop
       opacabletest -A

Environment Variables

       The following environment variables are also used by this command:

       HOSTS     List of hosts, used if -h option not supplied.

                 File containing list of hosts, used in absence of -f and -h.

       PORTS     List of ports, used in absence of -t and -p.

                 File containing list of ports, used in absence of -t and -p.

                 Maximum concurrent operations.