Provided by: opa-fastfabric_10. bug



       Generates  a  list  of chassis IPv4 and IPv6 addresses and/or TCP names where the Embedded
       Subnet  Manager  (ESM)  is  running,  in  a  format  acceptable  for  inclusion   in   the
       /etc/opa/esm_chassis  file. This tool uses opagenchassis output to iterate through all the


       opagenesmchassis [-u user] [-S] [-t portsfile] [-p ports]


       --help    Produces full help text.

       -u user   Performs command as user. For chassis, the default is admin.

       -S        Securely prompts for password for user on chassis.

       -t portsfile
                 Specifies the file with a list of local HFI ports used to access  fabric(s)  for
                 Default is /etc/opa/ports

       -p ports  Specifies the list of local HFI ports used to access fabrics.

                 Default  is  first active port. The first HFI in the system is 1. The first port
                 on an HFI is 1. Uses the format hfi:port,
                 for example:

                 0:0       First active port in system.

                 0:y       Port y within system.

                 x:0       First active port on HFI x.

                 x:y       HFI x, port y.

Environment Variables

       The following environment variables are also used by this command:

                 Password for chassis, used in absence of -S.

       PORTS     List of ports, used in absence of -t and -p.

                 File containing list of ports, used in absence of -t and -p.


       opagenesmchassis -S -p '1:1 1:2 2:1 2:2'

       Alternatively, while editing the file, use a vi command to include the output such as:
       :r! opagenesmchassis