Provided by: opal-utils_6.5-1_amd64 bug


       opal-gard - GUARD Partition manipulation tool for OpenPower hardware


       opal-gard [ -e | -f file | -p ] command


       opal-gard  allows  reading of the GUARD partition on OpenPower hardware though the exposed
       mtd flash interface. The actual device (usually /dev/mtd0) is automatically detected.

       -e, --ecc Force reading/writing with ECC bytes.

       -f, --file file
              Don't search for the /dev/mtd device, use file instead.

       -p, --part
              Used in conjunction with -f to specify that just the GUARD partition is in the file
              and that libffs shouldn't be used.

       command may be one of the following

       list   List current GARD records

       show   Show details of a GARD record

       clear  Clear GARD records

                                           19 June 2015                              opal-gard(8)