Provided by: opa-fastfabric_10. bug



       (All)  Pings a group of hosts or chassis to verify that they are powered on and accessible
       through TCP/IP ping.


       opapingall [-C] [-p] [-f hostfile] [-F chassisfile] [-h 'hosts']
       [-H 'chassis']


       --help    Produces full help text.

       -C        Performs a ping against a chassis. Default is hosts.

       -p        Pings all hosts/chassis in parallel.

       -f hostfile
                 Specifies the file with hosts in cluster.
                 Default is /etc/opa/hosts.

       -F chassisfile
                 Specifies the file with chassis in cluster.
                 Default is /etc/opa/chassis.

       -h hosts  Specifies the list of hosts to ping.

       -H chassis
                 Specifies the list of chassis to ping.


       opapingall -h 'arwen elrond'
       HOSTS='arwen elrond' opapingall
       opapingall -C

       NOTE: This command pings all hosts/chassis found in the specified host/chassis  file.  The
       use  of  -C option merely selects the default file and/or environment variable to use. For
       this command, it is valid to use a file that lists both hosts and chassis.

       opapingall -C -H 'chassis1 chassis2'
       CHASSIS='chassis1 chassis2' opapingall -C

Environment Variables

       HOSTS     List of hosts, used if -h option not supplied.

       CHASSIS   List of chassis, used if -H option not supplied.

                 File containing list of hosts, used in absence of -f and -h.

                 File containing list of chassis, used in absence of -F and -H.

                 When -p option is used, maximum concurrent operations are performed.