Provided by: postsrsd_1.5-2_amd64 bug


       postsrsd - Postfix Sender Rewriting Scheme daemon


       postsrsd -s<file> -d<domain> [other options]


       Sender Rewriting Scheme implementation for Postfix.

       Implements  two  TCP lookup tables to rewrite mail addresses as needed. The forward SRS is
       for sender envelope addresses to prevent SPF-related  bounces.  The  reverse  SRS  is  for
       recipient  envelope  addresses  so that bounced mails can be routed back to their original


              read secrets from file (required)

              set domain name for rewrite (required)

              set first separator character which can be one of: -=+ (default: =)

              set port for the forward SRS lookup (default: 10001)

              set port for the reverse SRS lookup (default: 10002)

              write process ID to pidfile (default: none)

              chroot to <dir> (default: none)

              switch user id after port bind (default: none)

              timeout for idle client connections (default: 1800)

              exclude additional domain from address rewriting

       -e     attempt to read above parameters from environment

       -D     fork into background

       -4     force IPv4 socket (default: any)

       -6     force IPv6 socket (default: any)

       -h     show usage information

       -v     show version