Provided by: qla-tools_20140529-2_all bug


       ql-dynamic-tgt-lun-disc - Scans for newly added LUNs.


       ql-dynamic-tgt-lun-disc [OPTIONS]


       Dynamic TGT-LUN Discovery Utility

       This utility scans for newly added LUNs. After adding new LUNs, you do not need to unload,
       then load the QLogic FC driver or reboot the system

       To begin scanning the LUNs issue following command:

              # /usr/sbin/ql-dynamic-tgt-lun-disc

       -al,   --allow-lip
              LIP is not issued by default, even if it is required for scanning new LUNs  Setting
              this option, allows the utility to issue LIP.

       -cl, --current-luns
              Displays LUNS currently present

       -e,  --extended-scan
              Use  this  option as "-e | --extended-scan". to rescan LUNs. This will identify any
              change in attributes of existing LUNs. This option can be used  in  combination  of
              scan/refresh or max luns

       -h,  --help, ?
              Prints this help message

       -i,  --interactive
              Use this option to use the menu driven program

       -is,  --iscsi
              Use this option to operate on ISCSI HBAs, this option can be used in combination of
              any other supported option.

       -m,  --max-lun
              To set the maximum LUNs to be scanned

       -p,  --proc
              Use PROC file system for LUN scanning

       -r,  --refresh
              To refresh, that is remove LUNs that are lost use the options "-r|--refresh".  This
              will remove the LUNs which no more exist.

       -s,  --scan [ -r|--refresh ]
              The QLogic LUN scan utility re-scans all the devices connected to the QLogic HBA


       ql-lun-state-online(8), ql-hba-snapshot(8), ql-set-cmd-timeout(8)