Provided by: rpm_4.14.2.1+dfsg1-1_amd64 bug


       rpm-plugin-systemd-inhibit - Plugin for the RPM Package Manager


       This  plugin for RPM prevents the system to enter shutdown, sleep or idle mode while there
       is a rpm  transaction  running  to  prevent  system  corruption  that  can  occur  if  the
       transaction is interrupted by a reboot.

       This  is  achieved  by  using  the  inhibit DBUS interface of systemd. The call is roughly
       equivalent to executing

       systemd-inhibit  --mode=block  --what=idle:sleep:shutdown   --who=RPM   --why="Transaction

       See systemd-inhibit(1) for the details of this mechanism.

       It is strongly advised to have the plugin installed on all systemd based systems.


       For  the  plugin  to work systemd has to be used as init system and though the DBUS system
       bus must be available. If the plugin cannot access the interface it gives  a  warning  but
       does not stop the transaction.


       The  plugin  currently does not have any configuration option other than turning it on and
       off. It can be disabled by commenting out the %__transaction_systemd_inhibit macro in main
       macros  file  (typically  located at /usr/lib/rpm/macros) or otherwise change the value of
       the macro.

       Another option is to remove the plugin from the system if it is packaged in  its  own  sub