Provided by: runc_1.0.0~rc8+git20190923.3e425f80-0ubuntu1_amd64 bug


       runc exec - execute new process inside the container


       runc exec [command options] <container-id> -- <container command> [args...]

       Where "<container-id>" is the name for the instance of the container and "<container
       command>" is the command to be executed in the container.


       For example, if the container is configured to run the linux ps command the following will
       output a list of processes running in the container:

                 # runc exec <container-id> ps


              --console value                          specify the pty slave path for use with the container
              --cwd value                              current working directory in the container
              --env value, -e value                    set environment variables
              --tty, -t                                allocate a pseudo-TTY
              --user value, -u value                   UID (format: <uid>[:<gid>])
              --additional-gids value, -g value        additional gids
              --process value, -p value                path to the process.json
              --detach, -d                             detach from the container's process
              --pid-file value                         specify the file to write the process id to
              --process-label value                    set the asm process label for the process commonly used with selinux
              --apparmor value                         set the apparmor profile for the process
              --no-new-privs                           set the no new privileges value for the process
              --cap value, -c value                    add a capability to the bounding set for the process
              --no-subreaper                           disable the use of the subreaper used to reap reparented processes
              --preserve-fds value                     pass N additional file descriptors to the container (stdio + $LISTEN_FDS + N in total) (default: 0)

                                                                                  runc-exec (8"")