Provided by: skksearch_0.0-24_amd64 bug


       skksearch - yet another SKK Dictionary server


       skksearch [-l digit] [-f logfile] [-s][-c config] type:file ...


       This  manual  page  was written for the Debian GNU/Linux distribution because the original
       program does not have a manual page.

       skksearch is a dictionary server for the SKK Japanese input method system.   skksearch  is
       normally  invoked  by  the  Internet  server (see inetd(8)) for requests to connect to the
       skkserv port as indicated by the /etc/services file (see services(5)).


       skksearch program accepts the following options:

       -l digit
              specify loglevel -1 to 7.

       -f logfile
              output debug message to logfile.

       -s     Use syslog.

       -c config
              indicates config file which contains the specifications of dictionaries.

              skksearch program supports the following dictionary types.

                 db     Berkeley DB

                 cdb    constant database (see tinycdb).

                 plain  plain text like SKK-JISYO.L

                 dummy  dummy dictionary for debugging.

       skksearch can take multiple dictionaries.


       Insert the following line in inetd.conf, and restart inetd.
           skkserv   stream    tcp    nowait   nobody   /usr/sbin/tcpd   /usr/sbin/skksearch   -c


       This  manual  page  was  written  by  Fumitoshi  UKAI  <>, for the Debian
       GNU/Linux system (but may be used by others).

                                        September 23, 2000                           SKKSEARCH(8)