Provided by: smemstat_0.02.05-1_amd64 bug


       smemstat - report memory usage with shared memory divided proportionally


       smemstat [options] [delay [count]]


       smemstat reports the physical memory usage taking into consideration shared memory.

       Swap  reports  memory  that  is  swapped  out  to disk. Unshared memory is reported as USS
       (Unique Set Size).  Unshared memory including the proportion of shared memory is  reported
       as  the  PSS  (Proportional Set Size).  The non-swapped physical memory is reported as the
       RSS (Resident Set Size).

       Running with root privilege will  report  all  user  space  processes,  otherwise  running
       without will just report the current user's processes.

       If  a  delay  and  count  are  not specified, a snapshot of the current memory used by the
       user's processes is report.

       If a delay in seconds is  specified,  smemstat  will  periodically  show  any  per-process
       changes  in  memory;  the  interval being the specified delay.  This will run indefinitely
       until a SIGINT is caught.   Specifying count will repeat the periodic output count  number
       of times.


       smemstat options are as follow:

       -a     show memory size change with up arrow ↑ (increase) and down arrow ↓ (decrease)

       -c     get command information from processes comm field

       -d     strip directory basename off command information

       -g     report memory in gigabytes

       -h     show help

       -k     report memory in kilobytes

       -l     show long (full) command information

       -m     report memory in megabytes

       -o file
              output data into a JSON formatted file

       -p proclist
              specify  a  comma  separated  list  of  processes  to monitor. The process list may
              contain one or more PIDs or process names.

       -q     run quietly, only really makes sense with -o option

       -s     show short command information

       -t     top mode, show top changes of memory

       -T     top mode, show top consumers of memory

       When running in 'top mode', pressing 'q' will quit, 'a' toggles the memory  change  arrow,
       't' toggles the top consumers of memory view.


       cpustat(8), eventstat(8), forkstat(8), top(1), vmstat(8)


       smemstat was written by Colin King <>

       This  manual  page  was  written  by Colin King <>, for the Ubuntu
       project (but may be used by others).


       Copyright © 2014-2019 Canonical Ltd.
       This is free software; see the source for copying conditions.  There is NO  warranty;  not

                                         August 30, 2018                              SMEMSTAT(8)