Provided by: qmail_1.06-6.1_amd64 bug


       splogger - make entries in syslog


       splogger [ tag [ fac ] ]


       splogger  reads  a  series  of  messages  and  feeds them to syslog.  At the front of each
       message it puts tag (default: splogger) and a numerical timestamp.

       splogger checks for alert: or warning: at the beginning of each  message.   It  selects  a
       priority of LOG_ALERT, LOG_WARNING, or LOG_INFO accordingly.

       splogger logs messages with facility fac.  fac (default: 2) must be numeric.

       splogger converts unprintable characters to question marks.

       splogger does not log blank lines.

       splogger  folds  messages  after  800 characters, since syslog can't handle long messages.
       splogger uses a + after the timestamp to mark folded lines.

       Note that the syslog mechanism is  inherently  unreliable:  it  does  not  guarantee  that
       messages will be logged.  It is also very slow.


       syslog(3), logger(8)