Provided by: sx_2.0+ds-4build2_amd64 bug


       sxsetup - configure and display information about an SX node


       sxsetup [OPTIONS]...


       With  sxsetup one can interactively or automatically configure an SX node and join it to a
       cluster, as well as display information about a local node.


       -h, --help
              Print help and exit

       -V, --version
              Print version and exit

       -i, --info
              Show information and configuration of a local node, including current disk usage.

              Upgrade local storage format and cluster databases  to  the  latest  version.  This
              option  should  be used after upgrading the node to the latest software version, to
              make use of the new features and improvements.

       --config-file FILE
              Use config file to configure the node automatically.

              Enable  advanced  configuration  options.  With  this  option  one  can   configure
              additional  options  such  as  port numbers, SSL certificate settings, or number of
              workers. It is also required to configure a node as a regular user instead of root.

              By default, sxsetup will create a remote volume "_sxsetup.conf" on the cluster  and
              upload  the  node configuration into it. When joining a new node to the cluster, it
              will look for existing configurations and try to obtain some information  (such  as
              an  SSL  certificate)  automatically,  to  limit  the  number  of  questions in the
              interactive mode. With this option no remote copy will be created.

       --bare Create a bare (unprogrammed) node. A bare node is ready to join a cluster. Multiple
              bare  nodes can be joined to the cluster at once, to minimize time of the rebalance

              With this option one can reconfigure an existing node.

              This option will compact the node's data to release unused space to the system, see
              sxadm-node(1) for more information. The node will be offline during the process.

              This  option  will  relocate  all  data  stored  on this node to other nodes in the
              cluster and deactivate the node. The procedure can take more time depending on  the
              data  size  and the network speed. When it's finished, the node will no longer be a
              member of the cluster. The local storage of the node is not deleted.

       --wait When a new node is added to a cluster, an automatic  data  rebalance  process  gets
              started.  During  the rebalance, cluster works in read-write mode but no changes to
              the cluster structure (eg. adding or removing nodes) are allowed. With this  option
              sxsetup will wait until the rebalance is finished.

              Turn  on debug mode for the created node. This will result in a large amount of log


       Full documentation with additional examples available at: <>


       sxsetup.conf(5), sxfcgi.conf(5), sxadm(8), sxfcgi(8)