Provided by: iproute2_5.2.0-1ubuntu2_amd64 bug


       skbedit - SKB editing action


       tc  ... action skbedit [ queue_mapping QUEUE_MAPPING ] [ priority PRIORITY ] [ mark MARK ]
               [ ptype PTYPE ] [ inheritdsfield ]


       The skbedit action allows to change a packet's associated meta data.  It  complements  the
       pedit action, which in turn allows to change parts of the packet data itself.

       The  most  unique  feature  of  skbedit  is  its  ability to decide over which queue of an
       interface with multiple transmit queues the packet is  to  be  sent  out.  The  number  of
       available     transmit     queues     is     reflected    by    sysfs    entries    within
       /sys/class/net/<interface>/queues with name tx-N (where N is the actual queue number).


       queue_mapping QUEUE_MAPPING
              Override the packet's transmit queue. Useful when applied  to  packets  transmitted
              over  MQ-capable  network  interfaces.  QUEUE_MAPPING is an unsigned 16bit value in
              decimal format.

       priority PRIORITY
              Override the packet classification decision.  PRIORITY is either root,  none  or  a
              hexadecimal  major  class  ID  optionally followed by a colon (:) and a hexadecimal
              minor class ID.

       mark MARK
              Change the packet's firewall mark value.   MARK  is  an  unsigned  32bit  value  in
              automatically   detected   format   (i.e.,   prefix   with   '0x'  for  hexadecimal
              interpretation, etc.).

       ptype PTYPE
              Override the packet's type. Useful for setting packet type to host when needing  to
              allow  ingressing packets with the wrong MAC address but correct IP address.  PTYPE
              is one of: host, otherhost, broadcast, multicast

              Override the packet classification decision, and any value specified with priority,
              using  the information stored in the Differentiated Services Field of the IPv6/IPv4
              header (RFC2474).


       tc(8), tc-pedit(8)