Provided by: xfonts-traditional_1.8.0_all bug


       update-xfonts-traditional - generate traditional ASCII fixed-with fonts


       update-xfonts-traditional --bdf-filter

       update-xfonts-traditional --process-pcf in.pcf.gz out.pcf.gz

       update-xfonts-traditional --process-fontdirs fontdir ...

       update-xfonts-traditional --process-fonttrees fonttree ...


       update-xfonts-traditional  generates  versions  of X11 PCF fonts which have been edited to
       restore compatibility with traditional versions of US-ASCII, and to restore  some  of  the
       glyphs to more traditional appearance.


              Takes  a  BDF  on  standard  input  and tries to generate an edited BDF on standard

              Takes to PCF filename arguments; the input PCF is  uncompressed,  decompiled  to  a
              BDF, processed, recompiled to a PCF and recompressed.

              In  each  fontdir all files font.pcf.gz are processed, to generate where applicable
              corresponding trad--font.pcf.gz files.  The mtime, ctime and inode  number  of  the
              input  files  are  recorded  so  that reprocessing the same directory later will be

              Each fonttree is searched for font directories which are processed as above.

              Each built in font tree  location  is  searched  for  font  directories  which  are
              processed as above.


       -R|--rules-path rulespath
              Prepend  rulespath  to  the  path  of  directories from which to load glyph editing

       --share-dir share-dir
              Use share-dir instead of /usr[/local]/share/xfonts-traditional.

       --parallel|-j cpus
              Use up to cpus cores for processing fonts.  The default is all the cpus available.

              When scanning font directories, always  reprocess  all  the  fonts,  regardless  of
              whether we think they have been done already.

              Treat  bad  input  fonts  (eg,  ones  for which pcf2bdf crashes, or ones with other
              problems) as a fatal error.  Normally they just produce a warning.


              In each font directory,  records  information  about  processed  fonts,  so  as  to
              optimise away unnecessary reprocessing.

              In  each  font  directory,  records  a  lot  of which fonts were processed and to a
              certain extent if not why not.

       /usr/share/fonts/X11 /usr/local/share/fonts/X11
              Default font tree paths for --update.

              In any font directory, our output files.  Any other files matching this pattern may
              be overwritten or deleted.


       0      All went well and there were no warnings.

       2      With  --bdf-filter  and  --process-pcf  only, indicates that the input font did not
              need to be edited, or was not suitable for editing, and has not been  written  out,
              so the output is incomplete, but this is not an error.

       any other
              There were problems.


       Only the 6x13 font conventionally called supported.  This package comes too late to rescue
       Unix from an incompatible change to its character set.