Provided by: xen-tools_4.8-1_all bug


       xt-customize-image - Customize a freshly installed copy of GNU/Linux


         xt-customize-image [options]

         Help Options:
          --help     Show this scripts help information.
          --manual   Read this scripts manual.
          --version  Show the version number and exit.

         Debugging Options:
          --verbose  Be verbose in our execution.

         Mandatory Options:
          --location The location of the new installation
          --dist     The name of the distribution which has been installed.

         All other options from xen-create-image, such as the new IP address(es)
        to give to the new instance, will be passed as environmental variables.


         This script is invoked by xen-create-image after it has created a
        fresh installation of Linux within a temporary location.

         This script will be invoked with a full copy of the arguments from
        xen-create-image in its environment, along with several command line

         The command line arguments which are mandatory are:

          --location  - The temporary installation root of the new install
          --dist      - The distribution which has been installed.


         The distribution name is used to locate an appropriate collection
        of scripts, or hooks, to execute to do the actual customisation.

         The hooks will each be executed with a single parameter which is
        the directory path to the new instance.  This argument is taken from
        the --location option.

         For the distribution named 'foo' the scripts will be loaded and
        executed from '/usr/share/xen-tools/foo.d'.  Each executable will
        be loaded and executed in sorted order.

         The systems administrator can optionally provide site-specific
        revisions of those same hooks by placing them in the directory
        '/etc/xen-tools/hooks.d/' in which case a script with the same name
        as the one in the 'foo.d' directory above will take precedence. In
        this way certain hooks can be prevented from running, expanded with
        site-specific features which won't get overwritten on upgrades, or
        patched with critical bug-fixes before the upstream OS distribution
        provider reacts.


        Steve Kemp,
        Axel Beckert,
        Stephane Jourdois


       Copyright (c) 2005-2009 by Steve Kemp, (c) 2010 by The Xen-Tools Development Team. All
       rights reserved.

       This module is free software; you can redistribute it and/or modify it under the same
       terms as Perl itself.  The LICENSE file contains the full text of the license.