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        YASAT - simple stupid audit tool


       yasat [--standard(-s)] [--list(-l)] [--debug(-d)] [--help(-h)] [--html(-H)] [--html-output
       PATH] [--advice-lang  LANG]  [--full-scan(-f)]  [--plugins-dir(-P)  PATH]  [--nopause(-a)]
       [--plugin(-1)  PATH] [--scanroot(-r) PATH] [--Plugin(-p) NAME] [--print-level X] [--check-


       YASAT (Yet Another Stupid Audit Tool) is a simple stupid audit tool.  Its goal is to be as
       simple  as  possible with minimum binary dependencies (only sed, grep and cut) Second goal
       is to document each test with maximum information and links to official documentation.  It
       do many tests for checking security configuration issue or others good practice.

       It  checks  many  software  configurations  like:  Apache,  Bind  DNS,  CUPS,  PHP, kernel
       configuration, MySQL, network  configuration,  openvpn,  Packages  update,  samba,  snmpd,
       squid, tomcat, user accounting, vsftpd, xinetd,


       --standard (or -a)
              YASAT  will  performs  a  standard check of the system, printing out the results of
              each test to stdout.  A log is also created in ~/.yasat/yasat.result by default

       --list (or -l)
              List all plugins available

       --html (or -H)
              YASAT will export results in html (default to ~/yasat/yasat.html)

       --html-output PATH
              With -H, this option permits one to change the file where to store html output.

       --advice-lang LANG
              By default, YASAT print message in english (EN), you can change the displayed  lang
              with  this  option.  LANG is the 2letter digit of the lang you want. For the moment
              only EN is supported.

       --full-scan (or -f)
              YASAT will do extra (long) tests (lots of find).

       --plugins-dir PATH (or -P)
              Set the path where YASAT can find plugins to use. (default is ./plugins )

       --nopause (or -a)
              By default, YASAT made a pause after each plugin. For automating tests you can  use

       --plugin PATH (or -1)
              YASAT will just use the plugin pointed by PATH (ex: yasat -1 kernel)

       --scanroot PATH (or -r)
              YASAT will scan PATH instead of / (ex: yasat -r /mnt/centos6)

       --compliance TYPE
              YASAT  will  check  for a specific compliance (nsa, cce, or all) and will print the
              compliance results.

       --print-level x (or -1)
              YASAT will print infos equal or above the level X (All = 0  (default),  infos  =  1
              warnings(orange) = 2, errors(red) = 3

       --skip TEST
              A comma separated list of tests to skip without the .test (ex: --skip nfs,ntp). See
              yasat --list for all tests.

              Check if an update of YASAT exists

              Like --check-update, but it will  send  also  as  parameter  your  OS  version  for
              statistics.  In the future, perhaps also a sort of send_bugs.


       YASAT is licensed under the GPL v3 license and under development by LABBE Corentin.


       All contact information could be found at