Provided by: zfcp-hbaapi-utils_2.2.0-0ubuntu1_amd64 bug


       zfcp_ping - send a FPNG request to a remote SAN port


       zfcp_ping [-vdh] [-c <count>] [-t <token>] [-a <busid|fc_host|S_ID|WWPN>] <WWPN|D_ID>


       zfcp_ping  is  primarily used to verify the existence and availability of a node port. The
       node port doesn't need to be attached to the local environment because the request is  not
       sent  by the local adapter.  This task is deferred to the management server of the storage
       area network, therefore it is possible to receive an answer  from  the  designated  target
       without being able to locally connect to the node port.  A reason for this could be zoning
       (local adapter and destination are not joining a zone).


       -a <adapter>
              source adapter specified by busid, fc_host, S_ID or WWPN.

       -c <number>
              number of ping requests to send.

       -t <token>
              token to be send by ping request.

       -v     Generate verbose output.

       -d     provide some debug output.

       -h     Print help message and exit.


       zfcp_ping -t97 0x50050763030b0562
              Send a FPNG request to the port with the WWPN 0x50050763030b0562 and use the  token
              97 as the initial value.