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       ebook-convert - ebook-convert

          ebook-convert input_file output_file [options]

       Convert an e-book from one format to another.

       input_file is the input and output_file is the output. Both must be specified as the first
       two arguments to the command.

       The output e-book format is guessed from the file extension  of  output_file.  output_file
       can  also  be  of  the special format .EXT where EXT is the output file extension. In this
       case, the name of the output file is derived from the name of the input  file.  Note  that
       the filenames must not start with a hyphen. Finally, if output_file has no extension, then
       it is treated as a directory and an "open  e-book"  (OEB)  consisting  of  HTML  files  is
       written  to that directory. These files are the files that would normally have been passed
       to the output plugin.

       After specifying the input and output file you can customize the conversion by  specifying
       various  options.  The available options depend on the input and output file types. To get
       help on them specify the input and output file and then use the -h option.

       For full documentation of the conversion system see conversion

       Whenever you pass arguments to  ebook-convert  that  have  spaces  in  them,  enclose  the
       arguments in quotation marks. For example: "/some path/with spaces"

       The  options  and  default  values  for the options change depending on both the input and
       output formats, so you should always check with:

          ebook-convert myfile.input_format myfile.output_format -h

       Below are the options that are common to all conversion, followed by the options  specific
       to every input and output format.










       --help, -h
              show this help message and exit

              Določite  vhodni  profil.  Vhodni profil poda sistemsko informacijo pretvorbe, kako
              interpretirati različne podatke v vhodnem dokumentu. Primer: ločljivost, odvisna od
              dolžine  (dolžina  v  slikovnih  točkah). Izbire so:cybookg3, cybook_opus, default,
              hanlinv3, hanlinv5, illiad, irexdr1000, irexdr800,  kindle,  msreader,  mobipocket,
              nook, sony, sony300, sony900

              List  builtin  recipe  names.  You  can create an e-book from a builtin recipe like
              this: ebook-convert "Recipe Name.recipe" output.epub

              Specify the output profile. The output profile tells the conversion system  how  to
              optimize  the created document for the specified device (such as by resizing images
              for the device screen size). In some cases,  an  output  profile  can  be  used  to
              optimize  the output for a particular device, but this is rarely necessary. Choices
              are:cybookg3,     cybook_opus,     default,     generic_eink,      generic_eink_hd,
              generic_eink_large, hanlinv3, hanlinv5, illiad, ipad, ipad3, irexdr1000, irexdr800,
              jetbook5, kindle,  kindle_dx,  kindle_fire,  kindle_oasis,  kindle_pw,  kindle_pw3,
              kindle_voyage,   kobo,   msreader,   mobipocket,  nook,  nook_color,  nook_hd_plus,
              pocketbook_900, pocketbook_pro_912, galaxy, sony, sony300, sony900, sony-landscape,
              sonyt3, tablet

              show program's version number and exit


       Možnosti za nadzor obdelave vhodne datoteke mobi

              Določite  kodiranje  znakov  vhodnega  dokumenta. Če je ta možnost izbrana, osnovno
              kodiranje dokumenta ne bo veljalo. Ta možnost je koristna za dokumente,  ki  nimajo
              določenega kodiranja ali pa imajo kodiranje navedeno napačno.


       Možnosti za nadzor obdelave izhodne datoteke epub

              Turn off splitting at page breaks. Normally, input files are automatically split at
              every page break into two files. This gives an output e-book  that  can  be  parsed
              faster  and with less resources. However, splitting is slow and if your source file
              contains a very large number of page breaks, you should turn off splitting on  page

              This  option  is  needed only if you intend to use the EPUB with FBReaderJ. It will
              flatten the file system inside the EPUB, putting all files into the top level.

              Insert an inline Table of Contents that will  appear  as  part  of  the  main  book

              Vstavljeno kazalo vsebine postavi na konec knjige namesto na začetek

              The  version  of  the  EPUB file to generate. EPUB 2 is the most widely compatible,
              only use EPUB 3 if you know you actually need it.

              Extract the contents of the generated EPUB file to  the  specified  directory.  The
              contents of the directory are first deleted, so be careful.

              Split  all HTML files larger than this size (in KB). This is necessary as most EPUB
              readers cannot handle large file sizes. The default of 260KB is the  size  required
              for Adobe Digital Editions. Set to 0 to disable size based splitting.

              Normally, if the input file has no cover and you don't specify one, a default cover
              is generated with the title, authors, etc. This option disables the  generation  of
              this cover.

              Do not use SVG for the book cover. Use this option if your EPUB is going to be used
              on a device that does not support SVG, like the iPhone or the JetBook Lite. Without
              this option, such devices will display the cover as a blank page.

              When  using  an  SVG  cover, this option will cause the cover to scale to cover the
              available screen area, but still preserve its  aspect  ratio  (ratio  of  width  to
              height).  That  means  there may be white borders at the sides or top and bottom of
              the image, but the image will never be distorted. Without this option the image may
              be slightly distorted, but there will be no borders.

              Če  je  tako  nastavljeno, bo izhodni vtičnik poskusil prilagoditi izpis, da bo čim
              bolj berljiv . Pri nekaterih vtičnikih morda ne bo imel učinka.

              Naslov za vsako ustvarjeno vdelano kazalo vsebine.


       Možnosti za nadzor videza in občutka izhoda

              Transliterate unicode characters to an ASCII representation. Use with care  because
              this  will  replace  unicode  characters  with  ASCII. For instance it will replace
              "Михаил Горбачёв" with "Mikhail Gorbachiov". Also, note that in cases  where  there
              are  multiple  representations  of  a  character  (characters shared by Chinese and
              Japanese for instance) the representation based on the  current  calibre  interface
              language will be used.

              The  base  font  size  in pts. All font sizes in the produced book will be rescaled
              based on this size. By choosing a larger size you can make the fonts in the  output
              bigger  and  vice  versa. By default, when the value is zero, the base font size is
              chosen based on the output profile you chose.

              Change text justification. A value of "left" converts all  justified  text  in  the
              source  to  left aligned (i.e. unjustified) text. A value of "justify" converts all
              unjustified text to justified. A value of "original" (the default) does not  change
              justification  in  the  source  file.  Note  that  only some output formats support

              Izključite spreminjanje velikosti pisav.

              Embed every font that is referenced in the input document but not already embedded.
              This  will  search  your system for the fonts, and if found, they will be embedded.
              Embedding will only work if the format you  are  converting  to  supports  embedded
              fonts,  such  as  EPUB,  AZW3,  DOCX or PDF. Please ensure that you have the proper
              license for embedding the fonts used in this document.

              Embed the specified font family into the book. This specifies the "base" font  used
              for the book. If the input document specifies its own fonts, they may override this
              base font. You can use the filter style information option to remove fonts from the
              input  document.  Note  that  font  embedding  only works with some output formats,
              principally EPUB, AZW3 and DOCX.

              By default, calibre will use the shorthand form for various CSS properties such  as
              margin,  padding,  border,  etc. This option will cause it to use the full expanded
              form instead. Note that CSS is always expanded when generating EPUB files with  the
              output  profile set to one of the Nook profiles as the Nook cannot handle shorthand

              Ali pot k oblikovni predlogi CSS ali surovi CSS. Ta CSS  bo  dodan  pravilom  sloga
              izvorne datoteke in ga lahko uporabimo za njihovo razveljavitev (izvorni slog).

              A  comma  separated  list of CSS properties that will be removed from all CSS style
              rules. This is useful if the presence of some style information  prevents  it  from
              being        overridden        on       your       device.       For       example:

              Mapiranje iz CSS imen fonta v velikosti fonta v pts. Na primer, da  je   nastavitev
              12,12,14,16,18,20,22,24.   To  je  mapiranje  velikosti  za xx-majhna do xx-velika,
              tako da je končna velikost veliki  fonti. Običajno je mapiranje  izbrano  glede  na
              izbrani izhodni profil.

              Vstavi  prazno  vrstico  med  odstavke.  Ne deluje, če vhodna datoteka ne uporablja
              odstavkov (označb <p> ali <div>).

              Set the height of the inserted blank lines (in em). The height of the lines between
              paragraphs will be twice the value set here.

              Preserve ligatures present in the input document. A ligature is a special rendering
              of a pair of characters like ff, fi, fl et cetera. Most readers do not have support
              for  ligatures in their default fonts, so they are unlikely to render correctly. By
              default, calibre will turn  a  ligature  into  the  corresponding  pair  of  normal
              characters. This option will preserve them instead.

              The  line  height  in pts. Controls spacing between consecutive lines of text. Only
              applies to elements that do not define their own line height. In  most  cases,  the
              minimum  line  height option is more useful. By default no line height manipulation
              is performed.

              Nekateri slabo oblikovani dokumenti uporabljajo tabele za nadzor izgleda  teksta na
              strani.  Po pretvorbi imajo taki dokumenti tekst, ki uhaja iz strani in podobno. Ta
              opcija bo izbrala vsebino iz tabel in jo predstavila v linearnem načinu.

              Set the bottom margin in pts. Default is 5.0. Setting this to less than  zero  will
              cause  no  margin  to  be  set (the margin setting in the original document will be
              preserved). Note: Page oriented formats such as PDF and DOCX have their own  margin
              settings that take precedence.

              Set  the  left  margin  in pts. Default is 5.0. Setting this to less than zero will
              cause no margin to be set (the margin setting in  the  original  document  will  be
              preserved).  Note: Page oriented formats such as PDF and DOCX have their own margin
              settings that take precedence.

              Set the right margin in pts. Default is 5.0. Setting this to less  than  zero  will
              cause  no  margin  to  be  set (the margin setting in the original document will be
              preserved). Note: Page oriented formats such as PDF and DOCX have their own  margin
              settings that take precedence.

              Set  the  top  margin  in  pts. Default is 5.0. Setting this to less than zero will
              cause no margin to be set (the margin setting in  the  original  document  will  be
              preserved).  Note: Page oriented formats such as PDF and DOCX have their own margin
              settings that take precedence.

              The minimum line height, as a percentage of the  element's  calculated  font  size.
              calibre  will ensure that every element has a line height of at least this setting,
              irrespective of what the input document specifies. Set to zero to disable.  Default
              is  120%.  Use  this setting in preference to the direct line height specification,
              unless you know what you are doing. For example, you can  achieve  "double  spaced"
              text by setting this to 240.

              Remove  spacing  between  paragraphs.  Also  sets an indent on paragraphs of 1.5em.
              Spacing removal will not work if the source file does not use  paragraphs  (<p>  or
              <div> tags).

              When  calibre  removes  blank  lines  between  paragraphs,  it automatically sets a
              paragraph indent, to ensure that  paragraphs  can  be  easily  distinguished.  This
              option  controls  the width of that indent (in em). If you set this value negative,
              then the indent specified in the input document is used, that is, calibre does  not
              change the indentation.

              Convert  plain  quotes,  dashes  and  ellipsis  to  their  typographically  correct
              equivalents. For details, see

              Subset all embedded fonts. Every embedded font  is  reduced  to  contain  only  the
              glyphs  used in this document. This decreases the size of the font files. Useful if
              you are embedding a particularly large font with lots of unused glyphs.

              Path to a file containing rules to transform the  CSS  styles  in  this  book.  The
              easiest  way  to  create such a file is to use the wizard for creating rules in the
              calibre GUI. Access it in the  "Look  &  feel->Transform  styles"  section  of  the
              conversion  dialog.  Once  you create the rules, you can use the "Export" button to
              save them to a file.

              Convert fancy quotes, dashes and ellipsis to their plain equivalents.


       Modify the document text and structure using common patterns.  Disabled  by  default.  Use
       --enable-heuristics  to  enable.   Individual actions can be disabled with the --disable-*

              Analiziraj deljene besede v dokumentu. Sam dokument služi kot slovar za  določanje,
              ali naj bodo vezaji ohranjeni ali odstranjeni.

              Odstrani prazne odstavke iz dokumenta, če obstajajo med vsakim drugim odstavkom.

              Pretvori odmike, ustvarjene z več neprelomnimi presledki, v odmike CSS.

              Left aligned scene break markers are center aligned. Replace soft scene breaks that
              use multiple blank lines with horizontal rules.

              Išči pogoste besede in vzorce, ki označujejo ležečo pisavo, in postavi  besedilo  v
              ležečo lego.

              Detect  unformatted  chapter  headings  and  sub headings. Change them to h2 and h3
              tags.  This setting will not create a TOC, but can  be  used  in  conjunction  with
              structure detection to create one.

              Poišče  pojavitve  zaporednih značk <h1> ali <h2>. Značke se preštevilčijo, s čimer
              je preprečena delitev na sredi naslova poglavij.

              Odstrani prelom vrstic z upoštevanjem ločil in drugih namigov.

              Omogoči hevristično procesiranje. Če  želite  uporabiti  hevristično  procesiranje,
              morate omogočiti to možnost.

              Scale  used  to  determine  the  length  at which a line should be unwrapped. Valid
              values are a decimal between 0 and 1. The default is 0.4,  just  below  the  median
              line  length.   If  only  a few lines in the document require unwrapping this value
              should be reduced

              Nadomesti prelome prizorov z navedenim besedilom. Privzeto je uproabljeno  besedilo
              iz vhodnega dokumenta.


       Spremeni besedilo in strukturo dokumenta z rabo uporabniško določenih vzorcev.

              Path  to  a  file  containing search and replace regular expressions. The file must
              contain alternating lines of regular expression  followed  by  replacement  pattern
              (which  can  be  an empty line). The regular expression must be in the Python regex
              syntax and the file must be UTF-8 encoded.

              Zamenjava za besedilo, najdeno z sr1-search.

              Iskalni vzorec (regularni izraz), ki bo zamenjan z sr1-replace.

              Zamenjava za besedilo, najdeno z sr2-search.

              Iskalni vzorec (regularni izraz), ki bo zamenjan z sr2-replace.

              Zamenjava za besedilo, najdeno z sr3-search.

              Iskalni vzorec (regularni izraz), ki bo zamenjan z sr3-replace.


       Nadzor samodejnega zaznavanja strukture dokumenta.

              An XPath expression to detect chapter titles. The default is to  consider  <h1>  or
              <h2>  tags  that  contain  the  words  "chapter",  "book",  "section",  "prologue",
              "epilogue"  or  "part"  as  chapter  titles  as  well  as  any   tags   that   have
              class="chapter".  The  expression  used  must  evaluate  to  a list of elements. To
              disable chapter detection, use the expression "/". See the XPath  Tutorial  in  the
              calibre User Manual for further help on using this feature.

              Določite  označbe  zaznanih  poglavij.  Vrednost "prelom strani" bo vstavila prelom
              pred poglavji. Vrednost "črta" bo vstavila vrstico pred poglavji. Vrednost "nič" bo
              izključila  označevanje poglavja in vrednost "oboje" bo uporabila prelom in vrstico
              za označbo poglavij.

              Some documents specify page margins by specifying a left and right margin  on  each
              individual  paragraph.  calibre  will  try  to  detect  and  remove  these margins.
              Sometimes, this can cause the removal of margins that should not have been removed.
              In this case you can disable the removal.

              Insert  the  book  metadata at the start of the book. This is useful if your e-book
              reader does not support displaying/searching metadata directly.

              An XPath expression. Page breaks are inserted before  the  specified  elements.  To
              disable use the expression: /

              Uporabi  naslovnico  zaznano v izvorni datoteki namesto v nastavitvah specificirane

              Remove the first image from the input e-book. Useful if the input  document  has  a
              cover  image that is not identified as a cover. In this case, if you set a cover in
              calibre, the output document will end up with  two  cover  images  if  you  do  not
              specify this option.

              An  XPath  expression  to  detect  the  location  in the document at which to start
              reading. Some e-book reading  programs  (most  prominently  the  Kindle)  use  this
              location  as  the position at which to open the book. See the XPath tutorial in the
              calibre User Manual for further help using this feature.


       Nadzor samodejnega tvorjenja kazala vsebine. Glede  na  osnovno  nastavitev,  če  ima  vir
       kazalo vsebine, bo le-to uporabljeno pri samodejnem tvorjenju.

              When creating a TOC from links in the input document, allow duplicate entries, i.e.
              allow more than one entry with the  same  text,  provided  that  they  point  to  a
              different location.

              XPath  expression  that  specifies  all  tags  that should be added to the Table of
              Contents at level one. If this is specified, it takes precedence over  other  forms
              of auto-detection. See the XPath Tutorial in the calibre User Manual for examples.

              XPath  expression  that  specifies  all  tags  that should be added to the Table of
              Contents at level two. Each entry is added under the previous level one entry.  See
              the XPath Tutorial in the calibre User Manual for examples.

              XPath  expression  that  specifies  all  tags  that should be added to the Table of
              Contents at level three. Each entry is added under the previous  level  two  entry.
              See the XPath Tutorial in the calibre User Manual for examples.

              Največje  število  povezav  za  vnos  v kazalo vsebine. Nastavite 0 za izključitev.
              Privzeto je: 50. Povezave so dodane  v  kazalo  vsebine  samo,  če  je  ugotovljeno
              število poglavij manjše od mejne vrednosti.

              Samodejno zaznanih poglavij ne dodaj v kazalo.

              Odstranitev  tistih  vnosov  iz kazala vsebine, ki ustrezajo navedenemu regularnemu
              izrazu. Ustrezajoči vnosi in vsi njihovi nasledniki so odstranjeni.

              Če je ugotovljenoštevilo poglavij manjše od  te  številke,  se  povezave  dodajo  v
              Kazalo vsebine- Privzeto: 6

              Če izvorna datoteka že vsebuje Kazalo vsebine, se to običajno uporabi prednostno. Z
              vključitvijo te opcije, se vedno uporabi samodejno generiranje.


       Možnosti nastavitve metapodatkov v izhodu

              Niz, uporabljen za razvrščanje po avtorjih.

              Določite avtorje. Avtorje ločite z znakom &.

              Določite producenta knjige.

              Set the e-book description.

              Določite naslovnico z navedeno datoteko ali URL-jem.

       --isbn Določite številko ISBN knjige.

              Določite jezik.

              Set the publication date (assumed to be in the local timezone, unless the  timezone
              is explicitly specified)

              Set the e-book publisher.

              Določite oceno. Dovoljene so številke med 1 in 5.

       --read-metadata-from-opf, --from-opf, -m
              Preberi  metapodatke  z  navedene datoteke OPF. Iz te datoteke prebrani metapodatki
              bodo preglasili vse podatke iz izvorne datoteke.

              Set the series this e-book belongs to.

              Določite indeks knjige v tej zbirki ali nizu.

       --tags Določite značke za knjigo. Zapis v z vejicami ločenem seznamu.

              Set the book timestamp (no longer used anywhere)

              Določite naslov.

              Različica naslova, ki bo uporabljena pri razvrščanju.


       Možnosti pomoči pri razhroščevanju pretvorbe

       --debug-pipeline, -d
              Shranjevanje izhoda na posameznih stopnjah pretvorbe v specifično mapo. Koristno je
              v primeru, če ne veste na kateri točki procesa  pretvorbe se je zgodila napaka.

       --verbose, -v
              Level  of  verbosity.  Specify  multiple times for greater verbosity. Specifying it
              twice will result in full verbosity, once medium verbosity  and  zero  times  least


       Kovid Goyal


       Kovid Goyal